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July 26, 2002

Warren Beatty is out & David Carradine is in!
Click Here for the latest info about David Carradine's role in Kill Bill!

Tarantino, a well-known martial arts buff who wowed American audiences with ``Reservoir Dogs'' and ``Pulp Fiction,'' is now shooting his next film, ``Kill Bill,'' on the old Shaw Brothers lot. ``I've always loved the Shaw Brothers films and they have a very special place in my heart,'' Tarantino said. ``It's important for me to shoot part of 'Kill Bill' on the old Shaw Brothers lot. It's sort of my homage to Hong Kong film and there will be references to Shaws in the film.''

April 20, 2002

Talk Miramax to distribute Quentin's new book...
The novelization of "Kill Bill" written by Quentin will be picked up by Talk Miramax Books, Click here for the full story!

March 25, 2002

"Anyway, I know you like Quentin Tarantino and I know you can't wait to see his KILL BILL like everybody else. Early this month he made a short trip to China and was interviewed by Beijing Youth and Beijing Today. Apparently, Beijing has replaced Hong Kong as one of the four locations for this film. After several secret visits to Beijing Film Studios, he has decided to shoot more indoor scenes there, not just Chinese scenes but many Japanese scenes and even some American scenes. Saving money has played a major role on his decision."
"Hey guys, 1138, resident spy in the house of Mao, Beijing that is. When answering a local ad for westerners to appear in local film productions at the Beijing Film Studios (or Movie Town) as the maps call it, I was told that a certain American director was currently touring the facilities this week with an eye for using them to shoot his next feature. The director turns out to be Quentin Tarantino and I can only guess that the film in question would be Kill Bill, this was confirmed when a FOAF was cast as an asassian and given a training date with Yuen Woo Ping here in Beijing. The choice of Beijing to film Kill Bill makes sense as the facilities here are first rate as is the technical talent and fits in perfectly with Tarantino's outsider appraoch to film-making (non union crews, etc.)."

March 1, 2002

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Veteran actor and B-movie leading man Lawrence Tierney, whose tough-guy characters during the 1940s and '50s often mirrored his troubled real life, has died. He was 82.
Tierney died in his sleep Tuesday at a Los Angeles nursing home.
Throughout his 80-film career, the actor perfected many gangster roles. But he is probably best known for the title role("Joe Cabot") in the 1945 B-movie classic "Dillinger" and the leader of a group of killers in Quentin Tarantino's 1992 crime drama "Reservoir Dogs."

Click Here for full article.

January 28, 2002

Digital Bits has reported that the release date for the RD special edition DVD has been moved back to July.

January 25, 2002

"Quentin Tarantino left Jennifer Garner black and blue when he was a guest star on her ABC hit, "Alias." But Garner cherishes the Tarantino-inflicted lump on her forehead. "When I met her, I said, 'You're going to work forever,' " Tarantino tells Rolling Stone, which features the butt-kicking brunette on its cover. " 'You don't have to prove nothin' to nobody no more.' "

January 22, 2001

Daryl Hannah has been set to play an assassin in ``Kill Bill,'' Quentin Tarantino's gritty noir film for Miramax, which will shoot in spring now that its star, Uma Thurman, has had her baby. Hannah plays Thurman's adversary, joining Warren Beatty and Lucy Liu in the drama that Tarantino scripted. Hannah has also been set to star in two indie films. In April, she'll join Jon Favreau, Kelsey Grammer and Rachel Leigh Cook in the Steve Anderson-directed ``The Big Empty''; in fall she'll join Lili Taylor and Mary Steenburgen in John Sayles' next film, tentatively titled ``Casa de los Babys.'' It's about six American women who travel to Mexico to adopt babies. ``I've got to be in killer shape, doing karate, swordfighting and all kinds of things in Quentin's movie,'' she said. ``The problem was that this summer I fractured my spine jumping my horse in the woods... I spent three months in a brace, going ouch.''

An exclusive 7" Mr. Brown figure will be released from Mezco Toys in March, check out the Hot section of the main page for more details!!

January 21, 2002

Quentin will once again appear on ABC's "Alias", below are airdate time and plot synopsis...
EPISODE 13. "THE BOX (PART 2)" Airdate: Sunday.02.10.02 Vaughn disobeys orders and attempts to help Sydney and Jack avert the destruction of SD-6 headquarters and all its occupants, as McKenas Cole continues his vendetta against Sloane and searches for a mysterious device. Meanwhile, evidence and a desperate but determined woman convince Will to continue his investigation of SD-6 and the imprisonment of David McNeil...

HOLLYWOOD, January 18, 2002 -- Uma Thurman and husband Ethan Hawke had their second child on Tuesday morning in New York. The baby boy weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces. The couple, who has been together almost four years, already has a three-year-old daughter, Maya Ray.
Thurman is expected to return to work with Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino on his next movie, the black comedy Kill Bill. Tarantino wrote the lead role with Thurman in mind, but put off production on the film until the actress delivered.

January 18, 2002

Quentin will appear on ABC's "Alias" on Sunday, Jan. 20. at 9/8c. Below is the episode synopsis from
Airdate: Sunday.01.20.02
When armed intruders take over SD-6, led by McKenas Cole(Quentin Tarantino) -- a man bent on exacting revenge on ex-boss Sloane -- Sydney and Jack must work together to save their colleagues. Meanwhile, Will fears that his investigation of SD-6 and its link to the murder of Eloise Kurtz is placing his life in jeopardy; Vaughn's relationship with Sydney is questioned by the agency; and Sydney discovers some disturbing news about her mother's past...

Here's what AintItCoolNews had to say:
"Now then. You all know Quentin Tarantino is going to be on “Alias” Sunday, right? No? Well, he is. It’s been in the papers for months! Here’s the scoop. What the paper couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t tell. It’s a lot like “Die Hard.” A lot. Very similar to “Die Hard.” QT has the Hans Gruber role, leading a deadly multinational force of troublemakers determined to raid SD-6’s vault, likely for its powerful Milo Rambaldi secrets. Sydney Bristow finds herself in the John McClane role (she even gets shot at while crawling about in the air ducts). Daddy Jack Bristow comes to assume the role of Holly Gennero McClane. Tarantino’s Gruberesque character, Cole, appears not to be working for K-Directorate, or FTL, or even the real CIA..."

"Michael Madsen is indeed playing Bud (one 'd') (aka SIDEWINDER) however he is not 'The Bride's brother, but rather Bill's. Now before you think that makes him an ally of Bill, you're dead wrong Like just about everyone else, he thinks Bill is a complete prick. Madsen will be a god for this role.As has been stated in ASIA-AICN shooting begins in June in Japan and it will also shoot in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mexico and Austin, Texas - That's where Madsen comes in! The plan as stated when I talked to Quentin was to begin major combat training with his actresses in March, start shooting in June, handle post with a hopeful debut at Cannes 2003, begin shooting on GLORIOUS BASTARDS late summer/early fall 2003 for release that following year. Somewhere in the Fall of 2003 sometime he'll probably release KILL BILL (I'm hoping for a Summer 2003). All of that timing info is confirmed with Quentin. And is THE PLAN. Currently Quentin is in Hong Kong... or he was two days ago when I got a report from a reader that ran into him on the street with a couple of buddies who Quentin was talking fave Asian Cinema picks. Also, you shouldn't forget that Quentin has discussed a part with Lucy Liu as the leader of the Crazy Eighty-Eights... and part of what will be, if shot as written... be the coolest martial arts battle ever filmed bar none."

Dec. 28, 2001

"My friend has translated the shooting script for “Kill Bill” into Japanese for actor/martial artist Sonny Chiba, and has said that the plot COMPLETELY ROCKS!! Mr. Tarantino expects to start shooting in Japan sometime next June, with additional shoots in HK, Mexico, Austin Texas, and the USA also taking place next year with Uma Thurman (as THE assassin), Warren Beatty (as Bill), and a supporting cast of Tarantino regulars."

Dec. 5, 2001

"Pulp Fiction" was voted the fourth best movie of all time by UK viewers in a poll conducted by Britian's Channel 4. Coming in at #3 was "The Shawshank Redemption", in second place was "The Godfather" 1&2 and in first place was "Star Wars".

Oct. 12, 2001

Heres some info & prices on the new RD figures now available:
"While Musicland stores (Media Play, On Cue & Suncoast) have received their shipments first, other retailers such as Electronics Boutique, Babbages and all comic/game/hobby stores will be getting them shortly. These can also be ordered online at stores such as Amok and"

And from Pallisades:
Opening weekend for Palisades' newest addition, the Reservoir Dogs 12-inch action figures, has proven tremendously successful. During the initial four day period since the products have hit the shelves, Musicland Stores Inc. have reported 'extremely brisk' sell-through rates. The first of many retailers to carry the figures, Musicland Stores have received enough orders to fill about 75% of their stores. The current assortment is the first of two series and consists of Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown and Marvin Nash. The second series will consist of Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange and Joe Cabot. Nice Guy Eddie is being released as an exclusive with ToyFare magazine and can be found additionally at All the figures are sculpted with remarkable likeness to the actors and all are loaded with accessories. Marvin Nash for instance, comes with the following: working handcuffs and holder, removable flashlight and holder, walkie talkie and holder, extra clips and holder, gun-less holster, AM radio, an alternate unbeaten head, chair (for cuffing to), logo base and figure support. The three figures combined have a total of 30 accessories and a whopping 69 points of articulation! Eager pups can expect to find the figures in the majority of the Suncoast and On Cue stores, as well as in all Media Play locations. Priced at $24.99 each, expect for these figures to go as sets. Remember, they came as a team and they'll leave as a team. Bullets and all...

(source:Reuters Entertainment)
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When the high-flying martial arts movie ``Iron Monkey'' from Hong Kong hits U.S. movie screens on Friday, it will come with a tag that says ``Quentin Tarantino Presents.'' But for Tarantino, a better line might have been: ``I told you so.'' ``Iron Monkey'' was made in 1993 by director Yuen Woo Ping, who then went on to choreograph the fight scenes in movies such as ``The Matrix'' (1999) and ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' (2000), and helped change the look of action scenes in Hollywood movies. Tarantino, known for directing new-look gangland movies such as ``Pulp Fiction'' (1994), is a fan of the Hong Kong action genre. About six years ago, he approached studio Miramax about bringing director Yuen Woo Ping and then established star Jet Li to do a Hollywood movie. ``They (Miramax) were like, 'Well, yeah, maybe,'' Tarantino told Reuters earlier this week. ``Cut to six years later, Miramax knows who Woo Ping is, telling me I was right, we were wrong and now we want to get into the Woo Ping business and want to release 'Iron Monkey','' Tarantino said.

Click Here for full story.

Oct. 11, 2001

"Is there a film canvas big enough for both Yuen Wo-Ping and Sonny Chiba? Quentin Tarantino is recruiting both martial arts film legends for ''Kill Bill,'' his revenge flick starring Uma Thurman. Both Yuen (best known for staging the fights in ''The Matrix'' and ''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'') and Chiba (of the 1970s ''Street Fighter'' films) will train Thurman for her role as an assassin seeking revenge on her former posse. Tarantino says he needed both action giants, since the film will use both the Hong Kong-based Yuen's flying kung fu and the Japanese Chiba's samurai swordplay. The writer/director also plans to give both men acting roles in the movie...."
For more info check out BBC News and

Quentin was a presenter at the Independent Film Projects 11th annual Gotham Awards. The awards celebrate the finest of the New York film community.

Sep. 28, 2001

John Travolta & Samuel Jackson will team up once again to star in John McTiernan's military thriller Basic Click Here for details!

Sep. 26, 2001

(source: Reuters Entertainment)
"At Lawrence Bender's fundraiser Monday for Ground Zero Relief Fund for those ``in dire need in N.Y.,'' Bender, Vin Diesel and John Herzfeld, along with Sylvester Stallone, announced that the Entertainment Industry Foundation would match funds raised that night -- $1.5 million.
Among those on hand: Warren Beatty, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Norton, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Woods, Quentin Tarantino, Ellen DeGeneres, Samuel L. Jackson. Sheryl Crow ended the evening singing ``God Bless America'' and ``America the Beautiful.''

Sep. 17, 2001

Click Here to read an exclusive review of the "Kill Bill" script from AICN!!

(source:Zap2it Movies)
Click on the links below to see what each has to say about their new 12" figures from Palisades:
Tim Roth
Steve Buscemi

Sep. 5, 2001

Click Here for an overview of QT5 from AICN

September 1, 2001

A new book about Quentin is in the works by author Ed Gallafent. The book is expected to be released on August 31, 2002. You can preorder copies of the book from Amazon.comUK by clicking Here!!
(Thanx to Yannick at WildPulp for the info!!)

August 31, 2001

Click Here for some reviews from QT5 from AICN

August 30, 2001

All Dolled Up For those who can't get enough of Michael Madsen — like us — help is on the way. An action figure of his "Reservoir Dogs" character, Mr. Blonde, complete with razor blade in hand, is coming out just in time for the 10th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino's neo-noir cult film. You'll want to get the entire set, which includes plastic versions of Tarantino (Mr. Brown), Harvey Keitel (Mr. White), Steve Buscemi (Mr. Pink) and Tim Roth (Mr. Orange). Also available is Madsen's victim: the cop he tortured while playing "Stuck in the Middle With You." That figure features a detachable ear. "That scene is actually in the mind of the beholder," Madsen reminded us in his steel-wool voice. "You hear it, but the camera pans away. We did two other takes, which were a lot more graphic and never used. It's tamer than people think." Madsen will hook up with Tarantino again this winter in France to shoot the director's World War II script, now complete after years of effort. "I guess it's Quentin's answer to Steven Spielberg," the actor told us. "Far be it for me to discern what's in Quentin's mind, but it's somewhat like 'The Dirty Dozen.' I'm proud because my character's name is Buchinski, which is Charles Bronson's real last name. And I'm also proud because my uncle died on the beach in the Philippines in World War II, and I have his Purple Heart. I have some responsibility to remember him. I think it'll mean a lot to my father." The trimmed-down but still imposing actor with the Robert Mitchum glower was fairly gushing over his wife of seven years, Deanna, and their blended family of five sons. Sounds like a basketball team. "More like 'Lord of the Flies,' " he said.

August 26, 2001

More info about QT5...
Click Here for an article about QT5 from Reuters Entertainment!

August 25, 2001

Latest from the QT film fest...
Click Here for the latest on the 5th Annual QT Film Festival from AICN!

August 14, 2001

Recently, Dish described the dilemma that faced writer/director Quentin Tarantino when he discovered that his ``Kill Bill'' star, Uma Thurman, was pregnant. Tarantino hasn't been behind the camera since ``Jackie Brown,'' and was eager to direct his first original script since ``Pulp Fiction.'' But the heavy action of the film made her participation impossible until her stork visit. He could recast -- and the webs and press offered plenty of suggestions -- but Tarantino had written the role for Thurman. Tarantino called Dish to say that he'd solved his problem by taking what he considered the only honorable course of action, even if it delays his own return by about a year. ``The column correctly called it a quandary,'' said Tarantino, ``but I finally had to ask myself, 'What would Joseph Von Sternberg do?' Why, he would wait for Marlene Dietrich, and film history would thank him! So I'm going to wait for Uma, she is my actress.'' (Tarantino's proclamation didn't mention that Thurman was once set to play Dietrich, until director Louis Malle died.) He couldn't conscience bouncing the actress from a role he feels she is uniquely suited to play, and was largely responsible for hatching. ``We came up with her character, the Bride, in what is a revenge movie where she tracks down the men who wronged her, and kills them one by one,'' said Tarantino, who began writing just after they finished ``Pulp Fiction,'' and viewed the film as his homage to such genres as ``the spaghetti westerns, the badass chick flicks, Charles Bronson movies.'' Tarantino has completed his ``Kill Bill'' script and will go into preproduction after January, when Thurman has her baby, with shooting beginning next May or June. In the meantime, he will return to scripting ``Inglorious Bastards,'' which Tarantino termed ``my guys-on-a-mission movie, that is a little bit 'Where Eagles Dare' and 'The Dirty Dozen,' where they're fighting Nazis.'' Tarantino is well into ``Inglorious'': He'd stopped the progress of ``Kill Bill'' to spend the past year and a half researching and writing the war film. Then, on a chance meeting with Thurman, he dug ``Kill Bill'' out of a drawer. ``I fell in love with it all over again and put the war film aside. I always wanted to do two films back to back, and now I'll be back on that track. This should work out perfectly, and I'll be ready to do the other film right after. I'll have a small epic and a big epic and Uma will have her baby, which is so much more important than a movie, anyhow.''

August 11, 2001

Harry from AICN recently talked to Quentin via phone & he has the full report!
Click Here for the full story!!

August 6, 2001

(source: Reuters Entertainment)
What's more profound: "Rosebud," or "Royale with Cheese"? According to Hollywood's screenwriters, Quentin Tarantino is no Orson Welles. Movie scribes have named Citizen Kane the best screenplay of all time, while they singled out Tarantino's Pulp Fiction as the most overrated and (believe it or not) 1993 Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day (news - web sites) as the most underrated, according to an informal survey by the Library of America.
Citizen Kane, cowritten by Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz, topped the best-of list, followed by another classic, Casablanca, written by Howard Koch and Julius and Philip G. Epstein. But interestingly enough, both films also ranked along with Pulp Fiction on the list of most overrated screenplays: Kane nabbed second place in that category, and Casablanca was fourth.
Click Here to read full article

August 1, 2001

Quentin will be featured in upcoming ads (you know those annoying commercials w/ William Shatner?) Here's what they had to say:
"...Its advertising expense fell only 1 percent, to $13.7 million. (Priceline has moved away from its longtime spokesman, William Shatner. Its new advertisements feature celebrities like Quentin Tarantino, Tony Randall and Billy Idol.)"

July 25, 2001

"HEY THERE! I just got off the phone with some people close to the project on KILL BILL and right now, noone is in Uma's place, and Lucy Liu has not yet been signed, and could not be confirmed one way or another. Apparently nothing has been finalized with whomever may be taking the role. And it does look like Lucy will be taking ECKS VS SEVER as Variety had reported. Just clearing this up."

Click Here to read the full story.

July 24, 2001

HOLLYWOOD ( - John Travolta has finally come clean about his "uncoolness," Travolta admits he was blissfully unaware that his status had plunged to this horrible depth prior to his role in Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction."
"When I got hired by Quentin Tarantino for "Pulp Fiction" in 1993," Travolta recalled to Britain's Sunday Times while promoting his new picture "Swordfish." "I did not have a real awareness of how totally uncool I had become."
He added that during filming he even wondered whether he had made the right decision by taking on the role of strung-out hitman Vincent Vega in the blockbuster. ``I thought: 'I should not have done this,''' adding: ``So what do I know?''

July 22, 2001

(source: Reuters Entertainment)

Pam Grier("Jackie Brown") to receive lifetime achievement award
Grier will be presented Oct. 20 with a career achievement award named after the city's dogged 19th-century suffragist. ``I'm receiving this very prestigious award because I never gave up,'' the actress said in Friday's Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. ``Failure is just giving up.'' After a two-decade absence from a starring role, the 1970s blaxploitation flick queen led an all-star cast in Quentin Tarantino's comedy ``Jackie Brown'' in 1997. Her 1970s films included ``Foxy Brown,'' ``Black Mama, White Mama'' and ``Fort Apache, the Bronx.'' The 52-year-old actress will be honored at the High Falls Film Festival being held Oct. 17-21 at the George Eastman International Museum of Photography and Film.

Samuel L. Jackson ("Pulp Fiction","Jackie Brown") will host the American Cinematheque annual gala on Sep. 22 from the Beverly Hilton.

Uma Thurman("Pulp Fiction") will pick up the Independent Feature Project's Actor Award as part of the IFP's 2001 Gotham Awards fund-raiser Oct. 1 at Manhattan's Chelsea Piers. The award, which fetes a New York-based actor who has made "significant contributions" to the Big Apple film community, is one of six Gothams to be doled out by the IFP this year. Thurman will also star in the HBO Films romantic drama "Hysterical Blindness" in 2002.

"Ghost World", starring Steve Buscemi ("Reservoir Dogs","Pulp Fiction") will open on Aug. 3. Buscemi has also been nominated for a directing Emmy for his work on "The Sopranos".

July 19, 2001

(source: JoBlo.Com)
You probably heard the news last week that Uma "The Thurmanator" Thurman and husband Ethan Hawke are pregnant with their second child. You may have also read in the same article that Quentin Tarantino's next film KILL BILL would be delayed to accommodate Ms. Thurman who has been training for the lead role since last year. Now we have an article at IMDB which reports that UK sources (always very reliable...[insert giant eye roll]) have said Miramax and Tarantino are at odds over whether the film should be delayed for Uma or whether a suitable replacement should be found. They claim that Tarantino wants to find a new woman to play the revenge-seeking hooker in BILL but Miramax wants him to wait nine months for Thurman. Always the fact-checker, Harry Knowles decided to get to the bottom of this mystery. He called Tarantino's rep who says the film isn't even officially set up at Miramax yet, so that story is incorrect. But, the publicist also said, and this is quoting Harry paraphrasing what the publicist said, "Quentin is very very very very very anxious to start shooting on KILL BILL." Hmmm...could this mean a replacement for poor Uma? I can't imagine Quentin would want to sit on his hands for nine months while she's pregnant not to mention the months afterwards while she gets herself back into fighting shape. I know he wrote the part specifically with Uma in mind but if there's a comparable leading lady out there, it might be worth his while to go on without Uma.

These pictures show us stars Mickey Rourke and Johnny Depp who star in MEXICO alongside Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Willem Dafoe and Cheech Marin. MEXICO will be the third and final chapter in the EL MARIACHI trilogy (MARIACHI being the first, DESPERADO being the second) and once again stars Banderas as El Mariachi, who this time around is waging war against a corrupt cartel leader. Depp reportedly plays a CIA agent in the film.

July 17, 2001

(source: AICN)
Hey folks, Harry here... I've been getting emails all day today with links to the following blurb that appeared on IMDB.Com in regards to the current situation between Quentin Tarantino, KILL BILL, Uma Thurman and Miramax. Here's what they printed...

Tarantino Feuding With Miramax
Quentin Tarantino and Miramax are feuding over the studio's decision to put the director's latest film, Kill Bill on hold after the film's star, Uma Thurman, said that because of her pregnancy, she could not meet the planned production schedule, reports in the U.K. said over the weekend. Tarantino, who reportedly wrote the role especially for Thurman, was said to be seeking a replacement when the studio informed him that it was opposed to any cast changes and wanted the production delayed until after Thurman gives birth.

Upon immediately reading 'UK reports' I decided to contact Quentin Tarantino's publicist to see what was the up and up on KILL BILL. It turns out that there really can't be an arguement or dispute between Quentin and Miramax about KILL BILL yet, because KILL BILL isn't technically at MIRAMAX yet. Quentin has a first look deal with Miramax, but Miramax hasn't completed Quentin's deal for KILL BILL yet, so since the project isn't even set up at Miramax yet, how can there be Studio Objection to casting on a film that they are not yet involved in. I might be talking with Quentin in the next couple of days about this and the next Tarantino Film Festival here in Austin, but for now his publicist says that Quentin is very very very very very anxious to start shooting on KILL BILL. Does this mean recasting? I don't know. Does it mean a quick rewrite to tailor the part for another actress? And will doing that push the shoot due to the physical training necessary for the role? These answers are not yet known, but stay tuned... we're one the case. And God willing, Quentin will be shooting his next film in a matter of a few short months...

July 16, 2001

HOLLYWOOD ( - The kind of movies that get the action-figure treatment are generally adventure and family-friendly ones like "Star Wars." One rarely, if ever, sees dolls made based on small ultra-violent independent films. The folks at Palisades, the makers of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" toy line, though, have broken with tradition and have created 12-inch action figures based on Quentin Tarantino's first film "Reservoir Dogs" in commemoration of the cult hit's 10-year anniversary. The dolls are decked out in the signature black suits and brandish the same weapons and other props from the movie. Now you can relive the famous torture scene and make the Mr. Blonde figure slice off policeman Marvin Nash's ear, a detachable part. Palisades warns that the toys are "recommended for mature collectors." If the "Dog" dolls, which cost $26.95 apiece, are a hit, maybe Palisades Toys will move onto other Tarantino movies. May we suggest an Uma Thurman doll from "Pulp Fiction" replete with an adrenalin shot to her chest or a Christopher Walken one that comes with the hidden watch.
Check out Palisades Toys for more info.

July 15, 2001

Just when Quentin Tarantino finally gets ready to make another film, the stupid miracle of life has to happen. Ethan Hawke, troubled actor that he is, and his potent gametes have gone and fertilized Uma Thurman again in an effort to bring another E.T./human hybrid to this Earth. Thurman was set to star in "Kill Bill", the Tarantino scripted noir drama which was set to begin filming with the QT at the helm this Fall. Miramax has already announced that it will not recast the role and that shooting will be delayed an additional year, thus pushing Tarantino a little farther away from the mainstream consciousness.

NEW YORK ( - Warren Beatty was in New York to attend the grand opening of Sean Penn's new restaurant Man Ray and revealed to Fox News' Roger Friedman that he will star in a movie directed by Penn. "I know more details," said a coy Beatty, "but I don't want to share them just yet." Penn's last directorial effort "The Pledge," now out on DVD, starred Beatty's good friend Jack Nicholson, who along with Penn recently screened the little seen picture in Moscow to Russian president Vladimir Putin. In regards to Quentin Tarantino's next project "Kill Bill," Beatty confirmed the long swirling rumors. "I'm going to be in that too!," he stated

July 13, 2001

(source: Reuters Entertainment)
Uma Thurman's pregnant with her second child with hubby Ethan Hawke, and the surprise joyous development has put Miramax and director Quentin Tarantino into a major quandary. Tarantino was gunning for a fall start on his latest noir drama, ``Kill Bill,'' which he wrote specifically as a star vehicle for Thurman. Tarantino and the actress are close pals and have been since their memorable collaboration in ``Pulp Fiction.'' Here, Thurman was to be the centerpiece in a drama about a woman who's wronged and seeks revenge. Because of the pregnancy, the studio and director will either have to recast the lead and change the dynamic of the film but stay on their start date, or take the less likely scenario of waiting until the stork delivers and Thurman's ready to return. That could push the movie back a year. Miramax spokesman Matthew Hiltzik labeled the talk speculation. ``We are not recasting the role,'' he said.

Click Here for more from AICN

July 6, 2001

Tarantino's mom into Prague pix
By Cathy Meils
PRAGUE (Variety) - With director Quentin Tarantino still working on a follow-up to 1997's ``Jackie Brown,'' it's up to his mother to keep up the family's biz profile. Connie Zastoupil, a former hospital administrator who produces educational films, is hooking up with Prague Indies Prods. (PIP) to do independent features. The alliance began recently, when Zastoupil arrived in the Czech Republic to visit the set of ``Blade 2,'' shooting in Prague. ``I originally came to research a project and hang out with the director, my friend Guillermo del Toro,'' she told Daily Variety. ``I became interested in PIP because they have so many projects going on. I became more and more involved and decided to stay in Prague. I'm here specifically to do independent features.'' PIP launched as a small film fest a few years back. It moved into film production after linking up with the Sundance Institute's Central European Screenwriters Lab last year. Reuters/Variety REUTERS

source: Associated Press
This, among other things, was mentioned:
Biographical Glitches in the new Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary
"--Shaquille O'Neal gets an entry, but not Tip O'Neill. Quentin Tarantino is included, but not Frank Capra. John Denver and Olivia Newton-John make it, but not Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Janis Joplin or Neil Young."
Don't know exactly what they're trying to say here...

July 4, 2001

The 5th Annual Tarantino Film Festival will be in Austin, Texas, this year from August 17th-26th. 10 nights of movies, around 30 movies total. Tarantino himself will be there to intro each movie (all from his own collection).
Click Here for ticket information.
(Thanx to blakemovies for the info!)