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Articles and Interviews

The Anxiety of Tarantino
A writer finds out it's hard to escape the influence ofhe Pulp Fiction creator.

Quentin Tarantino: Sick or Sanctified?
The British press rips Pulp Fiction and a writer takes a look at the underlying morality of pop-culture.

Quentin Talks to Yesterdayland
Quentin talks about G.I. Joe, Bill& Ted's Excellent Cereal, a suprising boyhood crush and lots more.

Method Writing: An Interview With Quentin Tarantino
Quentin discusses his unique style of writing.

Dennis Hopper Interviews Quentin
Dennis asks Quentin about how he got started, movie violence, Reservoir Dogs and more.

Five Question With The King of Pulp
Quentin talks about collecting movie memorabilia, Jackie Brown, using the "N" word and more.

LA Weekly Article
Quentin talks about Rolling Thunder Pictures