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Welcome to the Social Misfits Appreciation Site...Last Update: August 4th, 2002..

Social Misfits

Welcome to The Original Unofficial Social Misfits Site. This site is dedicated to the Film Social Misfits, it's Cast, and Production Crew. Here you can find many features such as: about movie, about the cast and the production, news on projects related to the film, links, a messageboard and much more! I hope you all will enjoy the site and if you have not already seen the film, I highly recommend you do! Hopefully this site does justice to the wonderfull film and presents it well. Also visit Social Misfits' Listing on to see a review for the film posted by the creators of this site!

Foreword of Social Misfits (spoken by Tyrone Tann): The Story you are about to hear to is true. Some people believe me and some people just think I'm full of shit, because people, especially parents don't want to except the fact that something as brutal and harsh and as this can occur, especially to their own kids. But what you are about to witness are actual facts and occurrences of what happened to myself and 2 dozen other kids over one weekend. It was one weekend we will never forget, as well as one weekend we know had changed our lives forever.
In the outskirts of Presno California, there's an abandon building that had been reconstructed back in 1979 into an institution camp. For the last 18 years parents have been sending their so called problematic kids to the so called privately paid, non governmental, underground, behavior institution, camp resurrection.
The People you are about to be introduced to are the 11 other kids that all shared that same experience that unforgettable weekend of March 14, 1997. These kids are not only labeled problematic, but between us, we were forced to call each other cell mates.

Disclaimer: I am not a cast member of social misfits nor part of the production team! I am just a fan of the movie as well as a fan of the cast. Everything on this site can originally be traced back to the official social misfit site! Our Way Productions takes full credit for all pictures of the misfits seen on the site. Non Social Misfit related pictures as well graphics and banners belong to this site. any legal question or general questions about this site should be sent to

Click Here For The SMA's aka The Social Misfit Awards! 

What happens when you force:

2 Skinheads

2 Latino Gangsters

1 Pro-African American

A Nympho

A Pyro

A Klepto

A Little Girl Who Believes She Can Fly

A Drugrunner

A Suicidal

and only

1 Mediator

To Be Together

In 1 Cell

For 48 Hours


*Social Misfits News*
-July 24th: Social Misfits has now been released and is in stores! T'was a great film and the actors did a wonderful job. Mad Props to Our Way Productions, Tyrone Tann and everyone involved with the making of the film!Buy Your Own Copy Of Social Misfits Today! DVD $14.99  VHS $64.99 DVD $15.99  VHS $55.24 DVD $13.68  VHS $44.14
-April: Social Misfits Release Date is set for July 24th, 2001!
-You can Pre-Order your very own Social Misfits VHS or DVD at: or

*Site Updates*
Page Was First Created May 16th, 2001 By Heather and Saoirse.
-August 4th, 2002: New Links added, working on adding more pictures and converting current photos to thumbnails.
-August 3rd, 2002: Lots of News added to "Other and Related Section", Picture of Tyrone Tann and Luna added, New Copyright HTML.
-August 2nd, 2002: Social Misfits Site Re-Opened! Expect more updates, news and features!
-October 20th 2001: Dress like a Misfit finally added!
-August 29th 2001: Updated to welcome to the site and added new links.
-August 28th 2001: Added Unofficial Social Misfits Soundtrack Section of the site. Also added new Messageboard! Dress like you favourite misfit almost done!
-August 23rd 2001: Much added to the "Other and Related" section of the site!
-August 14th, 2001: Updated the "about" section of the site. Fixed broken links and continued work on dress like you fave misfit!
-August 13th, 2001: The SMA's added to site! Click the link to vote for your fave misfit!
-August 8th, 2001: New Counter Added..still working on Dress Like Your Favourite Misfit!
-July 29th, 2001: Foreword added to main page of the site, as well as Other & Related Section of the site! Dress like your favourite Misfit still coming!
-July 26th, 2001:Dress like your favourite misfit and Other Social Misfit Related News Sections Coming Soon!
-July 25th, 2001: Fixed broken links, added more social misfit news.
-June 16th,2001: New Links Added to the Link Section of the site.
-June 6th, 2001: Social Misfits Movie Cover added as well as Social Misfits News.
-First Update: May 17th, 2001. Links, Pictures & Site Updates Section added.

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