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Director(s): Tom Savini

Writer(s): John A. Russo (early draft), George A. Romero

Cast: Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman, Tom Towles, McKee Anderson, William Butler I, Kate Finneran, Bill Moseley I, Heather Mazur, David W. Butler I, 


Synopsis: A remake of the 1968 film. A woman, Barbara and her brother, John go to visit their mother's grave. While their they are attacked by zombies. Running just a few hundred yards from the cemetery Barbara comes upon a farm house. Ben meets up with Barbara at the farm house, and together they fight to kill the zombies. Soon more survivors show up, and its a battle against the zombies.


My Review: I love the opening scene of this film. Having only seen the first 10 minutes of the original, I already noticed that it follows the original pretty well. The chase scene is well paced, and well thought out. I noticed that, like usual, I didn't have to think in my head, or yell at the TV, for Barbara to run this way or that way, she did it on her own. That was a nice change for me.  It was very weird to see Tony Todd playing a role in this film, I'm just so used to him playing Candyman. 


Gore: Very good fight and chase scenes, as well as very kick ass killing scenes. Did I mention that the zombie's are kick ass looking? Some are just falling to pieces, and bloody as can be. 


Character Development: There isn't really too much development of the characters other then the beginning with Barbara and her brother talking in the car. Its obvious that the children most likely didn't get along with their mother, or at least John didn't. Ben doesn't talk to much about himself either, but he does seem to know a lot of what it happening with the zombies, because he's come in from town. 


Sexual Content: None.


Acting: The acting is almost too good for a horror movie. I wouldn't change it one bit. 


Overall: I really enjoyed this film, I thought almost everything was perfect. I just wanted to see more zombies, and more killing of the zombies. Watching this film reminds me of playing the Resident Evil games, which I'm a huge fan of. If you like zombie movies at all, or just like horror movies, you've got to see this movie. I plan on watching the original now that I've seen this version. 






88 Minutes



Oct. 19, 1990



4.5/5 Stars








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