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Director(s): Wes Craven

Writer(s): Wes Craven

Cast: Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Miko Hughes, Matt Winston, Wes Craven


Synopsis: Heather is an actress happily married, she has a little child:Dylan She is worried about a maniac who is ringing frequently at her house. She think the maniac is Freddy the killer of her previous film Meanwhile Wes Craven is having some nightmares and inspired by that events he is writing the script for a new Nightmare series film. Heather is scared by some murders and by the schizophrenia of her son. The only way left to save her son is to act for the last time the part of Nancy to defeat Freddy forever.


My Review: This is a pretty cheesy horror film, if you can even call it a horror film. Not much gore, no scares, not even a little comedy to help it along. 


Can anyone say major confusing! Man, once you think you got the storyline figured out, you realize you don't. I'm not talking about trying to figure out if someone is dreaming or not.  Was this whole thing a movie? Who the hell knows, and who cares. The movie wasn't good enough for me to sit here and try to figure it out. 


It was a major stupid plot. They should have never said that Freddy was only a movie, it was lame, and made the movie even more confusing. 


The only thing I actually liked about the movie, was that Freddy looked really evil, in all the other films he wasn't scary, mainly because he talked and joked way too much. In this film he didn't do that, and his eyes were really scary looking. The new glove didn't go over well with me though, I wanted the old one back again. 


Over all, stupid film. I couldn't watch it again. 

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112 Minutes



Oct. 14, 1994



1/5 Stars







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