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Moneypenny's First Date with Bond

      "Moneypenny's First date with Bond" is a very short story included in The Connoisseur's Guide to James Bond, a supplement included with the November 11th, 2006 issue of The Spectator. It is an officially licensed short sroty, written by The Moneypenny Diaries writer Kate Westbrook.
      In this story, Moneypenny first meets Bond just as he is assigned to the OO section. He takes her on a celebratory date to Scott's where they have a nice, innocent evening. Moneypenny is wary to begin with, but becomes even more so when she discovers that Bond has taken other secretaries out on dates, one to the exact same restaraunt, where they ordered the same meal. More wary than ever, Moneypenny seems to put up a bit of a shield against Bond, warning him that charm will get him nowhere...but that he shouldn't stop trying.

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