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Death is Forever- John Gardner 1992

Summary- Many years ago, a group of 30 agents, known as the Cabal, went on many missions to help destroy communism. After their usefulness was over, the members of the Cabal went into hiding. Recently, however, the ten living members are being killed. James Bond is paired with "Easy" St. John to replace "Vanya" and "Eagle", two members of the Cabal that have been killed. They then have to find "Sulfur", the leader of the Cabal, to find out who has betrayed them, allowing them to be killed.
  Bond is at a loss as to which members of the Cabal to trust. After several people turn out to be doubles, Bond finds the man really responsible for the deaths. Wolfgang Weisen is a man who sees himself as Stalin's successor, and the reviver of Communism in Russia. He swore revenge on the Cabal, who were enemies of Communism. Also, he plans on blowing up the inaugural train going through the new underwater tunnel that connects England to Europe. The eight leaders of the EC are on this train, and their deaths will bring chaos.
  Bond stops the attempt on the eight leaders' lives, but only one member of the Cabal is alive by the end of the novel.
Best Moment- The best moment is when Bond is faced with Weisen and his thugs with Uzis. They are setting the bomb on the train and it looks like Bond can't stop them. However, he sends a secret signal for the French side to turn the power back on. Weisen and his men are standing on the rails, and are electrocuted.
My Grade-B-   This novel is pretty good, with more action than the last one. It is also kind of suspenseful as members of the Cabal keep dying. I wondered if any of them would survive.

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