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Added 6-28-01

Sorry about the long absence! A move and a very busy spring is soon behind me and I'm getting back to working on this site. Please check out the new reviews and feel free to give me new suggestions!

Added 1-13-01

Top Ten of 2000 is now up in the Favorites section. Check out my picks for the best movies of last year.

Also added: My favorite movies taken from your suggestions in the year 2000. Thanks for all the great suggestions this year!

Added 12-20-00

People! I have seen Dazed and Confused, it's in the Comedies section and it's been there from the beginning, so stop recommending it! Also I will be on vacation for a week so there may not be as many updates. Happy Holidays everyone!

Added 12-18-00

Message Boards added. Come by and post messages if you need help from fellow movie fans, or from me.

Added 12-12-00

Totally revamped Home page! I'm still tinkering so watch for new additions.

Also added, my personal small and foreign film Top Ten Lists in my favorites page.

Added 12-7-00

Once again I have revamped the Links page! Much simpler and no more banners, it was just getting too messy. There are several new links there so go check out their pages!

Added 10-8-00

New Links page! More links for all you movie needs!

Added 10-6-00
Now there are ratings for all the movies I have seen!  Check out my seen pages for good movies for you to see!

As Always, the webpage is updated almost daily, so keep checking for new movies and reviews!  As well as new informative and exciting links.  If you have a suggestion for the site please e-mail me or sign the guestbook.

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