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My Favorite Movie Stuff

Ed's Next Move
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Better Off Dead
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Singing in the Rain
The Thin Man


Cary Grant
Errol Flynn
Sean Connery
William Powell
John Cusack
Christian Bale


Audrey Hepburn
Katherine Hepburn
Joan Cusack
Olivia DeHaviland


Stephen Soderbergh
Billy Wilder
Stephen Spielburg

Top Ten Lists:

Top Ten Recommendations of 2000

1.  Hidden Fortress
2.  Indochine
3.  Breathless
4.  The Limey
5.  Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein
6.  Ran
7.  Yojimbo
8.  The In-Laws
9.  The Nights of Cabaria
10.  The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Top Ten of 2000

1.  Almost Famous
2.  Traffic
3.  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
4.  Gladiator
5.  Wonder Boys
6.  Waking the Dead
7.  Chicken Run
8.  Erin Brockovitch
9.  Finding Forrester
10.  Unbreakable

Ten Small Movies You Should Check Out
(no special order)

1.  Spanish Prisoner
2.  Ed's Next Move
3.  dreams for an insomniac
4.  The Iron Giant
5.  Next Stop Wonderland
6.  eXistenZ
7.  Felicia's Journey
8.  Heavenly Creatures
9.  Jesus' Son
10.  I Shot Andy Warhol

Ten Foreign Films You Should See

1.  Princess Mononoke
2.  All About My Mother
3.  Hidden Fortress
4.  The City of Lost Children
5.  Indochine
6.  Run Lola Run
7.  Seven Samurai
8.  Central Station
9.  Cinema Paradiso
10.  Night of Cabaria