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Ravenous: A Fan Site

This site was created as a place to feature the ideas of the members of The Ravenous Discussion List. Please join us in discussing the film, the history, the legend and the actors and creative team behind Ravenous. Below you'll find pages dedicated to these ideas, as well as links to other sites about Ravenous.
This site contains major spoilers, if you have not seen the movie, see it and then come back..
you will not be dissapointed.

The Story Of Ravenous
The Actors Of Ravenous
Ravenous Trivia
Ravenous as a Cult Film
Ravenous' Most Popular Scenes
Ravenous' Least Popular Scenes
Ravenous' Most Gory Scenes
Just How Hungry Were They?
Giving The Characters First Names
The Sounds of Ravenous
Ravenous Links

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