Good Clean Fun

"Guy!" Connie squeaked as she opened the door and found Guy standing on her doorstep. "You're early."

"Actually, I'm right on time for a change," Guy pointed out, grinning with amusement, noticing that Connie was still in her school clothes and was hardly ready for their date.

Connie glanced at her watch. "Ohmigosh! I didn't realize...!" she began flusteredly. "Um ... why don't you come on in. I'll grab a quick shower.... I'll hurry; I promise."

"Take it easy; it's no big deal if we don't make the movie," Guy said, but he wasn't sure if she had heard him or not; she had already scampered down the hall to the bathroom. As he flopped down on the sofa to wait, he heard the water of the shower come to life, and just thinking about Connie naked and wet ... water beading on her petite curves ... her hands caressing her soft, silky skin as she soaped herself up ... had a very profound impact on his hormones.

I really shouldn't. Mrs. Hart could come home at any minute, he chided himself; however, he was already halfway down the hall, stripping off his shirt.

Connie was trying to rush through her shower, but the water felt so delicious on her aching muscles, and, as usual, thoughts of her boyfriend popped unbidden into her mind. She loved to fantasize that Guy's hands were roaming her body as she sudsed herself up. She often thought it'd be a lot of fun to shower with him. The thought of running her hands all over his lean, muscular body had delightful shivers racing up and down her spine. And the tingle radiating out from the center of her sex....

I wonder if Guy wouldn't mind skipping the movie and finding some place to get cozy and naked.

"Need some help washing your back?"

"Guy!" Connie yelped for the second time in less than ten minutes, jumping and turning towards the curtain and the sound of his voice. Her arms automatically (if unnecessarily) pressed close against her chest to modestly shield herself. She found Guy peering over the curtain rod, smiling. He stood on the edge of the tub, and judging by the way the plasticized drape jutted towards her, he was already undressed.

"Guy," she scolded, having regained her wits, her hands sliding down to rest authoritatively on her hips. "We're already going to be late...."

"... so what's a little longer?"

"My mom...."

"... Isn't home yet."

Those incredible eyes of his softened in supplication, and Connie had no defense for the devastating combination of soulful gaze and heart-melting smile.

"Get in here," she surrendered with a touch of a hungry growl in her tone. Guy happily complied, and Connie's breath caught in her throat as it always did whenever she saw Guy nude.

The two basked in the heated spray and the warmth of each other's appreciative gaze. Finally, Guy spoke.

"You are just so incredible," he murmured huskily as his hand slid down Connie's shoulders and arms only to slowly glide up the flat of her stomach and lightly curve over her heaving bosom. He never tired of seeing her in all her natural glory; it made him realize anew what a lucky man he was. His words made Connie look away demurely, a blush dusting her cheeks. He couldn't explain why, but it thrilled him to no end when she reacted to his words like that. Perhaps because it meant that they stirred something within her. Guy reached up to gently cup Connie's face, tilting it so that she looked him in the eyes.

Connie stood on tiptoe to meet Guy halfway as he leaned in to kiss her. What she wouldn't give to be a half a foot taller! Though Guy never complained. Then, all idle thoughts melted before the heat of that tender exchange, as Guy's mouth moved across hers, his tongue slowly probing past his lips and teeth to sensuously caress her mouth. His strong hands trailed down her body to press her close, drawing her deeper into his embrace. Connie felt tremors coursing through her, and she didn't care if she never breathed again. She wanted that exquisite kiss to go on forever; she whimpered with disappointment when it didn't.

"I thought I was supposed to be washing your back," Guy teased gently as he reached for the bottle of liquid soap.

"Awww," Connie pouted. Guy merely smiled as he squirted the pearly white liquid into his palms and worked up a lather.

"Trust me; you'll like this just as much."

Guy had Connie turn so her back was to him. For a moment, he simply looked at her. She had pinned all her hair up, so it was off her neck, giving him an unobstructed view of her back all the way down to the sweet ass. He sighed with appreciation and longing. Then, he laid his soapy hands on her shoulders, kneading them gently. His thumbs massaged the center of her neck at the base of her skull.

Connie all but purred as Guy's strong fingers rubbed every bit of tension out of her body and softly caressed her skin until she felt as if every nerve ending in her had been awakened by his sensual touch. She knew that Guy was capable of great delicacy of touch but never had she experienced it so thoroughly. As his hands slid lower along her spine, fanning out to encompass the rest of her back, Connie felt her knees becoming weak, and she braced herself against the shower wall to keep from falling over.

Guy stepped back to observe his handiwork before venturing further south. He splashed a bit of water onto his girlfriend's shapely shoulders, and delighted in the way the frothy bubbles slid down the curve of her back and leisurely trickled down the rounded swell of her bottom. Unable to hold back any longer, he drew his hands down Connie's backbone; this time, Guy didn't stop at her waist. It was his turn to purr as he glossed his hands over those tempting cheeks, and he crouched down so that he could see and reach even better.

"Ohhh," Connie sighed, her head canting back and her pleasure bursting forth from her throat in a husky moan. However, Guy's cleansing massage had traveled lower, thoroughly bathing her legs --even to the point of lifting and washing the soles of her feet.

Connie was panting breathlessly, trying with all her might not to melt into a puddle of simmering hormones. Basking in the unexpectedly erotic laving, she was aware that Guy had stood up. She could feel his proximity. Before she could push herself back against him, his hands threaded around her waist, and he pulled her close.

Connie's soapy body slipped and slid across his in an enticing, sensuous caress, and it was Guy's turn to moan. Dimly, he realized that he was all but supporting Connie's weight. He grinned; he had never seen her so relaxed and so aroused at the same time. The way her body rubbed against his.... Not only was she thoroughly sudsing him up, she was turning him on. His erection throbbed happily against the valley between her cheeks, and it was all Guy could do to keep from taking her then and there. Instead, he nuzzled his face against the side of her neck, adjusting so that his lips brushed the delicate shell of her ear.

"Want me to wash the front, too?"

Guy's words exploded in a hot breath across Connie's flesh that had her quivering in sheer delight. She leaned back into him even deeper, thrilling to the feel of his hard, muscular chest pressed against her and his equally firm manhood taunting her nether regions. It was so difficult not to just spread her legs and beg him to take her. She wanted more of his delicious, delicate touch.

"Please!" she invited eagerly.

At Connie's needy insistence, Guy smoothed his soapy palms up her belly. He felt her trembling increase as his hands neared her perky breasts, and she sighed exquisitely as he filled his grasp with her enticing mounds. He patiently lathered, savoring their softness as he gently squeezed and explored. Then, wonderfully, Guy sent a hand skimming south, his fingers combing through her wet curls. Her body tensed, anticipating his touch, and she cried out with sweet relief as his fingers found and caressed her needy clit.

"Please!" Connie cried out, her hips grinding against his right hand even as Guy's left continued to massage her breasts. He had reached the same pinnacle of desire. He loosened his hold on Connie, ostensibly to turn her around, but she beat him to it. And, as gentle as his soapy caresses had been, so hungry were their kisses. It seemed as if neither could kiss the other deep enough or press their bodies close enough together.

In the heat of the moment, Connie found herself pressed against the tiled wall. She flung her arms around Guy's neck and held on tight as they devoured each other's mouths. Instead of bending to meet her, Guy lifted her up, holding her by the waist. Instinctively, Connie wrapped her powerful legs about his mid-section, and Guy filled his hands with her asscheeks, supporting her more fully.

"Take me, Guy!" she rasped, as his mouth trailed along the side of her neck in a series of heated nips and nibbles.

She needn't have asked. He was as hard as she was wet, and it only took a slight shifting of her weight for him to sheathe his cock deep into her tight pussy.

"Yes!" they chorused rawly as primal need took over. Connie's fingers and heels dug into Guy's back as he relentlessly pistoned her hot cunt. The two traded ravenous kisses as they rocked together under the spray that had long since grown cold --not that either of them had noticed.

"G-Guy...." Connie stammered as her muscles coiled in preparation for the fiery release building in her veins. His mouth locked onto hers, and she screamed her ecstasy into his mouth as her orgasm overwhelmed her. The force was such that she bucked and thrashed against Guy; it was all he could do to hold onto her!

Then, his own sexual eruption claimed him, and it was his turn to shout out his ecstatic cries into her mouth even as his hips drilled his cock deeper into her spasming cunt, filling her with his come.

Slowly, the pair came down from their orgasmic heights. Once again, their kisses became the tender press of lip against lip, their embrace a warm hug and their touches the gentlest of caresses. Guy set Connie down, and the exhausted pair of lovers sank to the bottom of the tub where they cuddled, cooed and laughed softly. At last it registered that the water was freezing, and Connie turned the shower off.

"Mmm, that was nice," Connie sighed, snuggling deeper into Guy's arms.

"A lot more fun than a movie," he agreed.

"I'm not sure I can move out of the bathtub."

"I'm not sure I want to --except maybe to move someplace more comfortable, like your bed?"

"Sounds good to me."

Guy helped Connie to her feet then suddenly scooped her into his arms like a groom carrying a bride over the threshold. Connie squealed with delight, which was smothered by Guy's mouth.

Then, the two heard a sound that all but made their hearts stop.

"Connie, Honey, I'm home," Mrs. Moreau called from beyond the bathroom door as she knocked.

The two lovers traded terrified glances.

"By the way, where's Guy? Isn't that his car in the driveway...?"

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