Moonlight Interlude

It's hot outside, and the stars are smiling.

So are we.

We got engaged tonight. I bought a ring, I asked her and she said yes.

It was that easy.

I put the ring on her finger, we cried and kissed. It only took five minutes, but it was five minutes I'll never forget.

After the moment, we decided to celebrate here, back at the lake where it all started. Where I met you, in Peewees, where we used to practice and fall over each other, in more ways than one.

Being here just feels right.

I packed a few things for us in a picnic basket , and now as I unpack them, I can't stop smiling.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that you're smiling too. I stop what I'm doing and happily pull you into my arms. Our lips meet in a deep kiss, our second kiss as fiancées. Your body presses into mine in all the right places, and I've never felt so good.

It's hot outside, and the crickets are singing.

So is my heart.

When we finally break our kiss, I keep my eyes closed, savoring the moment for just a bit longer. I can't help thinking that if this is what it's going to be like between us now, we should have gotten engaged a long time ago.

I take the picnic basket, you take the blanket, and we head down towards the lake. There are only a few people out here tonight, but that's alright with me. The more privacy we have, the better.

Once we find a good spot, you spread out the blanket. Then I open up the picnic basket and start taking out items, one by one. Champagne, glasses, candles, a CD player. After setting up the candles in holders around our blanket, I turn on some music.

Holding out my hand, I ask you to dance. You smile shyly, and let me pull you up to your feet. I kiss you on the forehead, you kiss my cheek, and then we dance.

It's hot outside, and the trees are dancing too.

Warm breezes drift across my face, as gentle waves lap against the shore, and it's all so peaceful. So perfect.

When the music stops, I cup your face in my hands, and tell you I love you. You return the sentiment, and we kiss again.

One kiss leads to another and then another, and soon our hands are all over each other. You run your fingernails down my back. I slide my hands down your thighs. You untuck my shirt. I unbutton your dress.

The candlelight flickers across your face, and I can see several beads of sweat glistening on your forehead. Your face is flushed, your hair disheveled, and you've never looked more beautiful.

I carefully lower you to the ground, and I can feel your skin burning against mine...a slow burn...a lingering burn...

Your lips travel across my collarbone, leaving a trail of fire as you slowly make your way to the sensitive spot behind one ear, and then the other. Your hands are all over me, slipping beneath my shirt, down my legs, along my zipper...I'm flooded with sensations and I close my eyes, trying to memorize each and every one of them.

It's hot outside, and I am yours.

You start to take off my belt, but before you can get it undone, I take hold of your hands and sit up.

There's nothing I want more than to lose myself in you tonight, but I lightly brush my fingertips across your cheek, and whisper, "Not here."

You look disappointed, but you rest your forehead against mine and reply, "You're right. We can wait."

I help you button your dress, and you button my shirt, our fingers slowly trickling down the warm fabric of each other's clothing. Looking longingly at each other, we both know that the best is yet to come.

Once we're dressed, I reach over and grab the bottle of champagne I brought. I can't seem to get the cork to pop, and you playfully offer to give it a try. I have a feeling you're up to something, but I hand over the bottle anyway.

That was a mistake.

Before I have a chance to duck, the cork sails through the air and the bottle's fizzy contents spray all over my shirt, my face, my hair.

It's hot outside, and the champagne is sparkling.

So are your eyes.

You're trying hard not to laugh at my sticky misfortune, but you just can't do it, and you break, sending sweet sounds of laughter into the nighttime air.

I love to hear you laugh, but I'd like to play too.

I grab the bottle from your hands, shake it a few times, and spray you in return.

It's hot outside, and the lake is beckoning.

Still holding the bottle, I jump up off the blanket and start running towards the cool shelter of the water. I can hear your footsteps behind me, and I run faster.

Before we know it, we're splashing and kicking water everywhere, completely soaking each other. The sound of our laughter floats out over the lake, skimming the surface and sending ripples of dark blue waves in all directions.

It's hot outside, and the moon is watching.

Once we stop splashing, I realize that I still have the bottle of champagne in my hand. Of course, most of it is gone, but there's enough left for each of us to have some. I hold the bottle up in a toast to you, my new fiancée, and take a cool drink.

Then it's your turn. I watch as you smile and make a toast to me. I pull you into my arms and we kiss, our wet bodies melting into each other under the moonlight.

It's hot outside, and the night is ours.

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