The Cheerleader

By Alley Parker

Charlie hurried down the hallway. The bell had rung a minut ago and he knew that Mrs. Adams does not lihe people being late for class. Suddenly he bumped into a girl who was also hurrying to class. The books spilled out of her hands and she hurriedly bent down to pick them up. Charlie hastily bent down to help her.

"Are you ok" he asked handing her one of her books.

"Yes I'm fine thanks" the girl said as she she lifted her hed. Charlie suddenly notised how pretty the gil was.

"Hi I'm charlie" He said a bit shakily.

"Hi I'm Alex" the girl said a bit dreemely. Charlie helped he up and just stared. He didn't want to let her go. The girl was wearing a cheerleader uniform. She had very pretty brown bit longer then shoulder length hair with golden highlights. She had a great figure and was know smiling pleasantly.

"Alex what are you doing!" Charlie spun around and saw a guy coming hurridly toward them.The guy had blond hair and light blue eyes. He was the type that girls call charming. Alex's dark navy blue eyes indicated fear. She steped away from Charlie.

"Zach? what are you doing here?" Alex asked in a trembling voice.

"I should ask you! And who is he?" Zach asked. Alex ran up to Zach.

"No no! Its not how it looks!" Alex cried desperately.Zach seemed to soften.

"Alright babe" he said giving her a kiss,"you go on to class I'll be right there"

"ok Bye" Alex said and ran of. Charlie just stood there dumstruck.

"Just want to tell you" Zach said calmly "Alex is my girl and do't try to take her from me." Zach walked of to clas.

Charlie had a hard time concentrating during Mrs. Adams' class. He kept thinking about Alex. He still couldn't believe that that girl had a boyfriend. What really got him was the way she looked at him. Could she ever love him?

The lunch bell rang and classes were dismissed. Charlie walked into the cafeteria looking around for Alex. He saw her at a table by herself with open books. Charlie walked over to her and sat down.

"Hey" he said hoping to start a conversation.

"Hi" she said lifting her head up. Charlie saw a faint evedence of past tears. "Are you ok?" He asked.

Alex laughed "Oh yea I'm just tired" "You know your boyfriend was really a jerk today in the hallway" Charlie said a bit afraid of her reaction.

"Oh no don't say that Zach is actualy very nice and sweet!" She exclaimed but Charlie was relived to see her smile.

To be continued.......

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