When Lester woke up, he was in the visitor's locker room of Blake Academy. He was lying on a table, packs of ice on his nuts.

"The sleeping beauty has awakened," joked Russ Tyler, grinning meanly.

"Heard Julie kicked you in the nuts."

"Yeah," agreed Goldberg with a smile. "Guy said that you we caught spying on Julie." He stood over Averman, wearing only his heart boxers and that stupid hat of his. The team often teased him about it. Connie always brought Guy’’s clothing. Guy was terrible at choosing clothing. If Connie allowed Guy to choose his own clothing, he’d look like a sixties hippy. Connie threatened to break up with him if he didn’t let her buy his clothes for him. She got him to give away all of his old clothing. But Guy somehow managed to hide is hats. He had his green hat on and smiled at Lester as he held his stick in his hands.

"I didn’t mean to get caught," Lester mumbled.

"Good excuse. How is the crotch feeling?" Portman asked tapping the ice packs with the blade of his stick and Lester let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Portman winced. "Sorry, Les."

"Sure you are, you motherfucking goddamned pussy bastard." Lester growled, struggling to sit up. "I can’t feel anything down there." He pointed to his numbed groin, and the others laughed cruelly.

"Is that such a big difference from before the Julie kicked you?" Adam asked. The other duck players laughed.

"Shut up, Dean." Lester snarled, struggling to sit up. He pushed aside the pack of ice and stared down at his wet, numb, reddened groinal area. The front of his boxers was soaked and he began to peel them away from his sensitive, still numb skin. Charlie tossed him a towel and Lester dabbed at his groin, to dry it up. Chris jumped off of the gurney and peeled off his wet boxers.

"Ew, nasty," Charlie groaned, "it’s bruised! You’’re gonna be impotent for the rest of your miserable life!" He began to giggle like a naughty child.

Lester shot Charlie a hateful glare as he tied the towel around his midsection.

"Shut up, you fucking pussy mouth-breather!" Lester shrieked, in a high-pitched, girlish voice. His voice cracked, and his teammates burst into scornful cackles.

Charlie glared at Lester. "Well, at least I have full use of my most important extremity." He tapped himself on his cup and Lester glared at Charlie some more. Then Coach Orion came in along with Connie and Julie. Julie shot Lester a look.

He was excited for game time. Anything to take his mind off of his aching private parts. And the way his teammates were glaring at him, Charlie and Goldberg in particular over his rude remarks about them. In warm –– up before game time, Lester body-checked Adam four times, and fired two pucks at Dean’s head. He was pissed. Orion noticed and came up to him.

“What’s wrong Averman?” Orion asked. He didn’t know about the groinal thing yet.

”Nothing Coach. I think there’s a problem with the equipement.” Lester said. Lester left a worried Orion out of the ice and went back to the locker room. Lester shook his head, as he gently put on his jockstrap over his wounded genitals. He patted his cup, wincing in pain. That was not a good idea; he just made them hurt more. He returned to the ice just in time for the singing of the national anthem.

The national anthem played and Lester couldn’’t stay still. Fulton slapped himself on the face and Luis looked over at him, whispering out of the corner of his mouth.

"You look distracted, Lester." Luis said.

"I am," Lester mumbled. "I can't concentrate. My groinal area hurts. I want Mommy. I want to kill Julie for neutering me. I think I'm going to cry." Lester whimpered.

"Pull yourself together now, man!" Luis snapped. "You only got what you deserved!"

"Do you think Larson knows? He's looking at me funny," Lester asked, pointing to Larson, the former Hawk.

"No, Larson does not know," Mendoza sighed, as the anthem singer left the ice surface. He put on his helmet and gloves. "The only people who know are our guys."

Larson skated by Lester, a big grin on his face, his brown eyes shinning.

"How're the boys, Averman?" He asked.

"Huh?" Asked Lester, completely caught off guard.

"YOU know, the BOYS." Larson pointed to his groinal area with a gloved hand, winking at a furious, shocked and fearful Lester Averman.

"Who told you?!" he cried out in a high pitched voice.

"Adam said something to me during pregame warmups." Larson grinned even wider.

"I'm going to KILL that pussy!" He screeched. The referee, looked at him, his hand raised.

"Are we ready to go?" He snapped, annoyed that Larson and Lester were holding up the game. "If not, I have no qualms about assessing a delay of game, Lester."

"He started it! It’s his fault!" Lester complained. "Give him the penalty, not me! My balls are blue!"

The referee raised his brow. "Mmm hmm... Let's just start the game." He waved the teams back to the face-off circle and dropped the puck