Dean Portman #21

Portman striping in the penalty box in D3


Born: April 2, 1976

Aaron recently appeared in the Gap "Everybody in Leather" commercial

Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story (2000) (TV)
Perfect Assassins (1998) (TV)
Trojan War (1997)
"Teen Angel" (1997) (episode # 1.4)
"Teen Angel" (1997) (episode # 1.1)

Toastburglar's Portman Ramblings:

Gotta get one thing outta the way first "try bottle alley or the harbor".... "I gotta find an angle".... "a pair of new shoes with matching laces"...etc. Aaron Lohr really didn't demonstrate his full abilities in the mighty duck movies. If you want to see a young Aaron sing and dance, find the movie in which he sings the quotes above. Back to the mighty ducks.. Portman is definitely the sexiest duck. I know people who are mighty duck fans just because of the scene where he strips in the penalty box. I can't really figure out why he doesn't show up until the end of D3....but then again, I can't figure out most of the logic behind D3. Dean Portman = sexy enforcer

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