Greg Goldburg #33

Goldburg in D2


Born: August 27, 1978

Rave (2000)
"Freaks and Geeks" (1999) TV Series
"The Tony Danza Show" (1997) TV Series

Toastburglar's Goldberg Ramblings:

I'm not as big of a Goldberg fan as I should be. I'm really not. The part in D2 when he pretends to be Aaron Spelling's nephew is just hilarious. "I think my mom really needs...a bikini" You can actually pinpoint the second when the sales lady realizes she's been had. And, of course, he's afraid of the puck in D1, so they tie him to the net, hee hee hee, I can't even write it without laughing. I was playing soccer at a youth retreat once and someone had a video camera. I told them it would take a supreme individual effort by me to win the game. It made the video's final cut and was shown to about 300 people. I was proud.

My theory on Goldberg is a little complex. Ok, first of all, he has to have two parents because his picture in the deli says "our son, the goalie." But somehow I still think his family lived in a car at one point. Definitely. Probably when they lived in Philadelphia. Now, the Goldberg character arc begins when he starts playing hockey. He's slow on the ice and they other kids are mean. They say "go in the net, Goldberg" and reluctanly, he gives up his dream of being a defenceman and becomes (a very crappy) goalie. Then, after Coach Bombay comes, he discovers goalie's not such a bad position and starts to like it. But, in D3 Julie becomes first goalie and Coach Orion asks Goldberg to play defence. Goldberg starts to play defence and realizes his long forgotten dream, thereby completing my theoretical Goldberg character arc. :)