Dwayne Robertson #07

Dwayne behind the scenes in D2


Born: August 2, 1978

American Outlaws (2001)
Wild Wild West (1999) (uncredited)
Bug Buster (1998)
The Postman (1997)

Toastburglar's Dwayne Ramblings:

I know a lot of people really like Dwayne, but I can't stand him. I want to kick him in the teeth everytime he opens his mouth. It stems from my hatred of stupid people. And from the fact that he tries to protect Connie. I personally hunt down and kill all fan fic writers who put Connie and Dwayne together. Well, not personally, I have an assistant who takes care of such matters. Oh, I know what you're saying - "If Guy loved Connie he would have jumped out on the ice and saved her" Ha! Watch the part in D1 where a fight breaks out in class. Guy tries to protect her then, and she get mad at him. Guy knows that Connie doesn't need to be saved. And if Guy felt the least be upstaged by Dwayne during that game, it balanced out at the end when Dwayne misses his shot in the shootout and Guy doesn't.

That's all I have to say about Dwayne.