Coach Orien

Coach Ted Orien in D3


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Personally Yours (2000) (TV)
"Once and Again" (1999) TV Series
Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) (TV)
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Saint Maybe (1998) (TV)
Polish Wedding (1998)
True Women (1997) (TV)
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Toastburglar's Coach Orion Ramblings:

A like Coach Orion. He's tough, but I think the Ducks needed a tough coach. He looks like one of those guy who would have never coached a girl in his entire life. I can just picture him panicking, like, "girls? what am I supposed to do with girls?" He did a really good job with the team from the begining, despite what some people think. He wasn't a bad coach at the start, the team just didn't understand him. I didn't mind that he took Charlie's C away. Charlie needed a shake up to get back on top. Besides, who else would he have made captain? Dwayne?

I love how he chose his daughter over his hockey career, it adds a whole new dimension to his character. He taught the kids about life, not just hockey. Coach Bombay taught them how to have fun, but Coach Orion taught them how to work hard and succeed. His speech about how to play real defense is my next to my grad picture in the yearbook.