Coach Gordon Bombay

Coach Bombay in D2


Born: May 12, 1962

Sand (2000)
Rated X (2000)
Killer's Head (1999)
Late Last Night (1999) (TV)
The Bang Bang Club(1998)
Dollar for the Dead (1998) (TV)

Toastburglar's Coach Bombay Ramblings:

Hee hee hee, Coach Bombay is the best. I really love how he went from this big corporate lawyer guy to a hockey coach. But who gets sentenced to coach a peewee hockey team? Isn't community service usually like, picking up garbage? I would be very angry if my kid's hockey coach was a guy convicted of D.U.I. Oh well, it all worked out.

My favorite thing about him is that, midway through D1, he trades his limo in for a minivan. Did you notice? That's such a powerful example of how his personality changes during the movie. He stops thinking about money and looking good and starts thinking about the team. In D2, when he turns into Captain Blood, if you think about it, he does it because he wants money and to look good. Which brings me to my next point...

I don't see how any warm blooded male could fault him for eating ice cream with the iceland lady. I mean, she was hot. Did you see her skirt in the ice cream scene? Whoa. When I was young and I first saw that movie, I came away thinking he liked Ms. MacKay. I'm pretty sure I was way off on that one. Come to think of it, Michelle is kind of Casey-like. Oh, and for all of you who think Casey and Gordon end up together, check out this line Hans says in D3: "Since his mother's been married, he started spending a lot of time here" Ha, Casey got married. And not to Gordon. He's single, has some cushy job with player personnel at the Jr. Goodwill Games, and one bad knee. I know he'll have arthritis in that before he's fifty. I know.