Adam Banks #99

Adam in D1


Born: May 16, 1978

Nickname: Sween

(1996) Graduated from Madison High School, Madison, NJ
(2000) Graduated from Boston University's School of Management.

To the best of my knowledge, Vincent Larusso has not done any acting since D3

Toastburglar's Adam Ramblings:

For a rich kid, Adam has it really tough. In D1 he was taken off the Hawks and forced to play for the Ducks. Everyone was really mean to him, although I suppose Cake-Eater isn't the worst nickname you could have. Then he gets all banged up on the ice and has to be taken out on a stretcher and in D2 he hurts his wrist. But he was kind of asking for it, I mean, watch the part where he get hurt and look at the way he sticks out his arm. It's kind of suspicious. And then in D3 he makes Varsity and everyone treats him like crap again. Man, you gotta pity him, just a little bit. Oh, and his father is a really big jerk on top of all that.

Then there's this whole other thing with him and Julie. It somehow got built into the collective consciousness of the Mighty Duck Fandom. As far as I can see it's entirely based on him saying "Her name's Julie, not babe" in D2. But I suppose fan fic writers have based relationships on lesser things.

Adam in D2 "I woke up and the pain was gone"