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Our failed attempt to improve working conditions

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"Whoa whoa whoa, hey now...who said anything about removing the face-paint?"


In November of 1999, myself and three other people representing PETOL visited the Wonka Factory to hopefully come to a peaceful resolution with the mad dictator.  However, the madman wouldn't budge.  We were hoping to at least IMPROVE working conditions by even the slightest of margins...however, Wonka steadfastly refused to provide them with clean water, pay, health care, or removal of the orange facepaint.  As for the last item, we tried unsuccessfully to convince Wonka that removing the paint would increase their worker productivity, as the fumes enter their nostrils and make them weak.  We didn't count on the fact that Wonka is an evil, sadistic bastard who derives pleasure from the suffering of his workforce and the ridiculous over-punishment of children with minor character flaws.

In short...a sudden, bloody, and violent revolution seems to be the only way to get our point across clearly.




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