Chapter Three

Three weeks passed by quickly, and Jack and Rose were on their way to Santa Monica in no time at all.

At three thirty, Rose and Jack arrived in Santa Monica. Their parents were waiting for them.

"You guys have explaining to do," Ruth said, with Tom standing right behind her.

"Okay," Rose said, holding Jack's hand.

The drive home was silent, but when they got home, they had to explain.

"Why?" Tom asked, when they sat down on the couch.

"I love her," Jack said, finally admitting the truth.

"You're related, though," Ruth said.

"Mother, shut up," Rose said, finally letting herself go. "Jack and I love each other. Nothing is wrong with that, and we are not related!"

Rose ran upstairs to the bathroom, and Jack just stared at Ruth.

"Are you going to do something, Jack?" Ruth asked him.

"That's your job, Ruth. She needs you to talk to her, not her boyfriend," Jack said.

"Whatever you say, Jack," Ruth said, walking up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Will Rose be okay?" Tom asked Jack.

"I don't know," Jack said, but he knew, he knew perfectly if she would or not.

Chapter Four