Beauty And The Beast


Hailed as the greatest animated film of all time, Disney's Classic Beauty and the Beast is an enchanting movie masterpiee. It's a film so extraordinary, it received six Academy Award® nominations, including Best Picture - an historic first for an animated feature.
This 'tale as old as time' follows the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman who finds herself imprisoned in the castle of a mysterious beast. With the assistance of the castle's enhanted staff, a delightful and tender romance develops between these two unlikely friends and Belle soon learns the most important lesson of all - that true beauty comes from within.
Beauty and the Beast captivates both young and old with Oscar®-winning music (Best Song, Best Score) stunning animation and a host of the most memorable Disney characters the screen has ever seen.

Produced in association with: Silver Screen Partners IV.
Soundtrack available on Cassette and Compact Disc from Pickwick Records
Approximaste running time: 61 minutes
Sound: Stereo/HiFi
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