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  The Movie Guru
 09/07/00 3:31 PM (ET)
  Like I said before, this page is undergoing a lot of work and it's almost complete with the exception of the website URL.

  Give this page some Midol
 09/07/00 3:31 PM (ET)
  Sorry, the site is giving me some major P.M.S. attitude and is taking me a while to update each sub-page, thanks for your patience.

  What's in a name?
 09/06/00 3:26 PM (ET)
  We are currently discussing new layout looks and new features for this site. We are also looking for hard working and friendly, fun sponsors/affiliates. Thank you!

  Anyone home?
 09/05/00 9:26 PM (ET)
  I'm sorry all you movie guru's, but it seems the CEO and many others are now disgussing our very own domain site. We are currently working around the clock to meet your viewing needs.

  What's up Doc?
 08/17/00 6:48 PM (ET)
  The site is down because of a new layout design is being tested. As you can see it has been changed. Tell me what you think of it? Anyways, I have updated almost all pages. I have updated totally the main page, box office page, trailers page, reviews page, and our contact page.

  Coming Soon
 08/16/00 8:45 PM (ET)
  Site will be opening September of 2000


 09/08/00 7:30 PM (ET)
  This site went through a total probe on all pages and all the info and layout business has been finalized.

  Reviews reviewed
 09/05/00 10:15 PM (ET)
  I have reviewed the review page and have assesed the problem. The review page is up and running and will be updated daily.