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  The Movie Guru Site
 09/08/00 7:30 PM (ET)
  Today I spent about 3 1/2 hours working on all the sites on this page, uploading and updating all the info and even getting ready to move into my own domain, Anyways, please tell anyone and everyone about my site and come back to visit whenever from wherever. Thanks!

  The Seventh Wonder of the World Found!
 09/07/00 3:31 PM (ET)
  Ocean Blue Films is the 7th wonder of the world with its new layout, look and attitude! Also, all the sub-html files have been updated with the new layout.

  Website Facial
 09/06/00 5:31 PM (ET)
  The previews site is now up and running, feel free to post your review to me. [ click here ].

  Anyone home?
 09/05/00 9:26 PM (ET)
  I'm sorry all you movie guru's, but it seems the CEO and many others are now disgussing our very own domain site. We are currently working around the clock to meet your viewing needs.

  What's up Doc?
 08/17/00 6:48 PM (ET)
  The site is down because of a new layout design is being tested. As you can see it has been changed. Tell me what you think of it? Anyways, I have updated almost all pages. I have updated totally the main page, box office page, trailers page, reviews page, and our contact page.

  Coming Soon
 08/16/00 8:45 PM (ET)
  Site will be opening September of 2000

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  Steven Spielberg
  Martin Scorcese
  Quintin Terentino
  Alfred Hitchcock
  Kevin Smith
  Wachowski Bros.
  Farrelly Bros.
  Mel Brooks
  George Lucas
  David Fincher

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