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Rare Video Resources
(without the links)

Updated 6 April 2003

Okay. So. I got busted for providing links to certain rare-video companies that carried adult material (in addition to the many non-explicit items they carried). In a fit of pique I took down the page of links and replaced it with a page of protest.

But...there's absolutely nothing to stop me from listing the names of said companies. That is constitutionally protected. If there are no links, then it's just words. Right?

And any interested parties can then Google a given company's name and find out where it is. Or use the magic of Inviso-Text to see the URLs. Heh heh heh.

Okay. So.

Alternative Cinema

B & J Action Figures and Videos

B-Movie Theater

Beatles Video Extravaganza

Bizarro Video

BlackestHeart Media

Casa Video

CD Cellar

Chode Brand Video



Cliff's Cult Movies

Cool Stuff Videos

Crimson Cult Video

Critic's Choice Video


Dralle's Video

European Trash Cinema

Facets Video

Fanatic Film Rarities

Festival Films

Film Wizards

1st Video

Five Minutes to Live

Flix 'n More

Forbidden Media

Glenn Graves Rare Video & Music Page

Gravedigger Video

Great Classic Movies

Hollywood Canteen

Hollywood's Attic

Horror-Wood Video Sources

Inet Video

Jim's Rare Serials and B-Westerns


Luminous Film and Video Wurks

Midnight Video

A Million and One World-Wide Videos

Morticia's Morgue: Tapes of Terror


Movies Unlimited

Nightmare Video

No Free Lunch Distributors

On the Edge Video

1-World Festival of Foreign Films

Opera Video

O'Ryan's Village

The Picture Palace


Rare Disney Videos

Rare SportsFilms

Rare Video Specialists

Revok Film Prodigies

Th' Rock'n Rex Shop

Scarecrow Video

Scorched Earth Productions

Secret Defender's Treasure Chest

Shocking Images

Shocking Videos

Something Weird

Trash Palace

Tropic Twilight

Truegore Video


The Twonky Video Collection

Video Addicts Hotline

The Video Beat

The Video Den Collection at

Video Dungeon

Video Mayhem of Florida

Video Screams

Video Search of Miami

Video Store Cult

Video-Treasures UK

Video Vault

Video Wasteland

VideoZine's Rare Video Price Guide

W.A.V.E. Productions

Witching Hour Video

WOW! Video

Xploited Cinema

Out of Business?

The following are online video sellers that for whatever reason no longer seem to have a web presence. I took them out of the mainstream of the listings, but keep them here in case they go back online at some point (I rely on you, constant reader and cult-video watchdog, to keep me posted). It's possible that a few of these have re-emerged somewhere under another name at a different address. I check the listings every so often to see if they're still active (or have significantly changed policies) but have neither the time nor the inclination to do it 24/7.

Ape X Comics

BNP Rare Videos

Hard to Find Video

Theatre One

Video Vamp

Video Vortex

Vintage Music Videos

- If you have any to add to the list, email me and I'll check it out and see if it's list-worthy. If a link doesn't work any more or has changed, tell me that too.