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updated 11.17.02

comic book villains


the ring (1998 Japanese original)

american psycho 2

my first mister



misty mundae: mummy raider

the princess and the warrior



wet hot american summer


sgt. pepper's lonely
hearts club band

ed gein

tetsuo: the iron man
(and sequel)

stephen king's the shining (miniseries)

but i'm a cheerleader

lost and delirious

the return of captain invincible

the sweetest thing


The reviews in this section are not really proper reviews. They are more informal affairs -- loose Q & A sessions inspired by the techniques of two of the more entertaining critics at Ain't It Cool News, Hercules (who covers TV) and Alexandra DuPont (who handles DVDs, mostly).

What will this Q & A format look like?

Like this. If it annoys you, feel free to avoid the links to the left.

Are you going to stop doing regular reviews in favor of this bite-sized format?

No. That's why the Q & A pieces have their own section. It's just another way for me to talk about movies I want to talk about, but for whatever reason don't want to deal with in a more formal way.

Is the Q & A format reserved for movies that don't "deserve" a proper review?

As Clint said, deserve's got nothin' to do with it. A movie's presence here doesn't always mean it's in some way a lesser movie, though you'll see some lesser ones here. You'll also see some great ones.

If you don't want to devote a full review to certain movies, why deal with them at all?

First, because I find it fun. Second, I consider it somewhere between a full review and a capsule review. A lot of my capsule reviews I have sitting around (I've been compiling them since 1990) can easily be morphed into Q & A sessions.

What started all this?

Well, I sort of fell into writing my review of Baise-Moi in the Q & A format, and I enjoyed it so much -- and, to be honest, it was so damn easy -- that I wanted to use that method on other movies. It's particularly useful for older movies I catch up with on VHS or DVD.

So is that why these Q & A pieces look like your regular reviews (i.e., same page layout) -- because the Baise-Moi piece started out as a regular review that happened to be in this weird format?


Will you ever "promote" a Q & A movie to a regular review?

I don't really see the Q & A treatment as a "demotion," but if and when I feel I have more to say about a Q & A movie, I may flesh my thoughts out in a more proper review.

Any other benefits to this?

If there's a film for which I never uploaded a full review, and the film is referenced in one or more reviews, I'll finally be able to link those references to a Q & A page for the film, if and when I do one for it.

Is there any rhyme or reason to your Q&A selections?

Nope, though many (even most) of them fall into the "cult movie" category. They're not even in alphabetical order. These are reviews you can dip into, read in two minutes, and, I hope, enjoy. I'll be adding to the list, and the newest ones will go on top.

[September 2003 note: Yes, I haven't added to this section in quite a while. I hope to start again soon, though. Stay tuned.]

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