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updated 9.10.02


Hannibal - Thomas Harris
Hearts in Atlantis - Stephen King
The Stranger Next Door - Amelie Nothomb
The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book - Robert Crumb
Yesterday I Saw the Sun - Ally Sheedy (poems!)
Lynch on Lynch - Chris Rodley
Killer Instinct - Jane Hamsher
The Haunted Tea-Cosy - Edward Gorey
Bitch - Elizabeth Wurtzel
Chuck Amok - Chuck Palahniuk's first 3 novels

Here, then, are some of my non-movie reviews -- TV shows, books, records. There'll be more as I dig them up (or write them).

corporate furniture

Buffy/Angel - Season 4 premiere/Season 1 pilot
Dawson's Creek - Season 1 pilot
Felicity- Season 1 pilot
Action - Season pilot

sound and fury

Celebrity Skin - Hole
whitechocolatespaceegg - Liz Phair
Little Plastic Castle - Ani DiFranco
Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics - South Park
X'Ho with an X and Banned in da Singapura -
X'Ho and the Boredphucks


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