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Cool Links

Here, then, are a few interesting, informative, entertaining, or just plain time-wasting links that the author of this site believes to be cool enough to bookmark. In this way, you may get some sense of the author's varied interests (ha ha! as if you care! ha!).

If perchance you know of a link that so belongs here that its absence is an embarrassment to this website and all who come here, do please email me and suggest said link. That's not to say I'll actually listen, but hey, anything worth doing is...probably futile. Ha ha!

All links will open in another window. This is for your convenience. Don't mention it.


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(aw jeez, do we really have to learn something?)

Links to Buy Crap You Don't Need!

(however, scratching one's consumerist itch and building a cocoon of possessions with which to insulate oneself from reality is after all a human instinct -- a primordial, atavistic need, likely dating back to our hunting 'n' gathering time in the caves -- and probably not worth pouting about overmuch, as long as one buys according to one's own refined interests, tastes, and passions, refusing to be swayed by slick ads, corporate happy-facing, or whatever's hip 'n' trendy at this precise second in world history...uh...where was I?)

(Oh, and there are many alternatives to for those of you accustomed to giving them money for your video/music/literary fix. Take a ride out to for a lengthy list of alternate e-vendors. While you're there, you could also read some stuff and find out why you should spend your cash anywhere but Amazon.)