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Best/Worst Lists

Every year I try to throw these things together. Not that anyone cares, but still. I run down each list in reverse order, working backward to the greatest or crappiest movie of the year. I also throw in Honorable and Dishonorable Mentions. Then I do one Special Honorable Mention (reserved for a movie that impressed me enough to make a note of it, or defend it against unfair viciousness, or whatever; it has flaws but still stayed with me) and one Special Dishonorable Mention (reserved for a movie that was a particular disappointment given its potential, or was just uniquely irritating).

Around about 1998 I started adding comments to each Best/Worst pick, so the comments you read on the 1998-2001 pages were written at the time (there may be a newer observation here and there). On the 1989-1997 pages, I wrote comments from a 2002 perspective, which is why I seem to have more hindsight up until 1998.

Okay, before you start, please note that these are my lists. They are not obligated to reflect your own personal tastes right down the line; your mileage may vary, and you are certainly free to make your own website and post thirteen of your own Best/Worst lists. I am not interested in whining emails demanding to know how I could've left one of your favorite movies off a ten-best list, or included one of your favorite movies on a ten-worst list. All such correspondence should be directed to this address.

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