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Jemma Gawned


from Australian Big Brother

Hot 30 Interview

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Jemma in the chat room

July 2nd 2001

Full transcript

Q: Do the housemates have ANY idea of how huge Big Brother is across Australia?
Jemma: The Housemates have absolutely no idea whatsoever! And they're having trouble getting their heads around that they’re being watched. We all think why would anyone want to watch us?

Q: Were you surprised to see so many people in the audience at the eviction show?
Jemma: Yeah I was, each week, we could hear the audience screaming, which ups the tension, but to get out there see people in off the shoulder tees and giant pots of lip gloss, I never expected that!

Q: Why did you leave the flower for Sara-Marie?
Jemma: In the last couple of weeks Sara-Marie and I have become really close. My mum sent me in that flower for Christmas day, and I just wanted to leave something for Sara-Marie to just to show her how much I care about her.

Q: Have you seen any of the evicted housemates since you've been out of the house?
Jemma: I spoke to Todd last night, which was great. I have had phone messages from Lisa, Sharna, and amazingly Flash...I haven't had time to answer any yet, and I'll definitely be phoning Johnnie tomorrow.

Q: What did you think of Flash when he was trying to crack on to you??
Jemma: LOL. I actually think that Flash is a really nice guy. I just felt a little bit uncomfortable in certain situations that I found myself in with him and didn't quite know how to deal with it, I regret having said anything now because it's been made into such a big deal, but I just wasn't sure how to deal with it at the time. I'll be speaking to him so I can sort things out and stay friends.

Q: How did you spend your first night of freedom?
Jemma: Partying with Big Big Bro, with Big Brothers and with Gretel and catching up with Mum and Dad and Grant.

Q: Were you glad to find out that Big Brother didn’t air your boobs?
Jemma: I actually wasn't surprised that they did it, because I went to such lengths to keep myself covered up, that it would of been as though BB was just waiting for an opportunity to show - which wouldn't of looked good on their behalf.

Q: Jemma were you happy with how you were portrayed on TV?
Jemma: I’ve seen very little footage, but as long as I've been portrayed just as me then I'll be entirely happy.

Q: While in the Big Brother house did you think you would be perceived as ''Jemma the Lip Gloss Queen''?
Jemma: I had a pretty fair idea that they would, because I'm always making jokes about how often I apply it, but I certainly didn't expect the off-the-shoulder fashion trend, or anything else. Anything in the house is just normal to you and that's why you do it.

Q: Why do you place so much importance on your appearance even when you are in the midst of tears (you adjusted your off the shoulder jumper when Johnnie left)? We thought you were/and are a very nice person! But find this very off putting and not a great message for females out there, who are already self conscious about themselves.
Jemma: I’m a makeup artist by trade and I work in the fashion industry and its part of my every day routine to be well groomed. The reason I get myself dressed and ready everyday is to maintain some sort of normality in the house. I think that to have pride in your appearance promotes good self esteem, and it doesn't matter what your shape, size, colour or creed, everyone should help themselves to have a higher self esteem.

Q: I would just like to know if you are going to keep up with Lisa’s friendship? I think she is a great, and definitely an intelligent girl.
Jemma: Definitely. Lisa was one of my most favourite people in the house. And I'm glad that I've been given the opportunity to have a life long friendship with such a person. She's wicked!!

Q: Why do you think you got voted out from the Big Brother house?
Jemma: I think I was evicted because maybe because Ben and Blair have such a tight friendship, and if they’re half as funny to people outside the house, besides it would be weird to have 3 girls and 1 boy in the last 2 weeks. and Chrissy and SM have always been close so maybe that's why they chose to keep Chrissy on, which I'm glad about because she really wanted to stay.

Q: We all know when your wost moment came in the house. What I would like to know is when was THE BEST moment in the house?
Jemma: without a doubt - Xmas day, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!

Q: A lot of people have said that they have achieved what they wanted to in the Big Brother House. Have you? If yes what exactly is it that you have achieved?
Jemma: Most definitely. If nothing else comes of this, I've learnt the most important lesson that I think is possible and that's how lucky we are to be so fortunate in our lives, and how important it is not to take your friends, your family and your loved ones for granted.

Q: Are you upset you can't compete for the 100,000 dollars tomorrow night?
Jemma: No, no not at all. If I had known about it before I left the house - maybe, but now I'm gone it's totally fine - just one of those things. and it was never about the $$ for me anyway.

Q: Are you glad to have finally had a proper shower without cameras watching?
Jemma: I almost got into the shower with my bra and knickers on. When I suddenly realised that Big Brother wasn't watching anymore!! And it was fantastic!

Q: What was your favourite lip gloss colour that you applied in the Big Brother house?
Jemma: A natural colour a couple of shades darker than your lip colour - Poppy "Sinner" or MAC "Lust" are good ones.

Q: Did you go and buy a whole new wardrobe, make-up and lip gloss especially to look glamorous for the show?
Jemma: No not at all!!!! What you saw me wearing is what I would wear everyday to work, so it was totally normal to me.

Q: Did you watch Big Brother tonight?
Jemma: Yep. It was really bizarre seeing myself on TV in the house, and then seeing life in the house without me in it! The house looks very much on TV like it does in reality, it was amazing!!

Q: Peter, Blair (and others probably) seemed to think you were hiding something when you wouldn't bare all in the BB house. Personally, I would have done the same thing and kept covered at all times, but did all the questioning get to you?
Jemma: I got a lot of questioning at first, I think if you do anything that's slightly different to the norm of the group. You're questioned a lot because its more obvious to them, but the incident with Blair actually ended up bringing us a lot closer. He's learning a lot about how to tolerate and particularly how to live with girls, because he comes from a family of all boys, and I think his apology to me the next day showed an amazing strength of character

Q: Did Sara-Marie and her loudness ever get to much you just wished she’d get evicted for some peace and quiet?
Jemma: In the early stages It was a bit overwhelming. Sometimes in the house - because its very stressful - you really feel as though you need some peace and quiet. But once you've learnt to accept her boisterousness, and not let it get to you, you find that she's also a really beautiful person. And that's what I've learnt in the last couple of weeks. But she can be a pain in the bum!!

Q: Do you know that the outside world thought Johnnie as the bad guy?
Jemma: No I didn't know at all until I left the house, and I was really disgusted at the way that Johnnie had been portrayed as Johnnie Rotten. He's is the most wonderful, caring, unselfish person you could ever wish to meet, and every house member loves him!

Q: Who do you think will win and why?
Jemma: My first choice would have been Ben because he's so witty and funny, yet so kind. But when I came out onto the stage last night and saw all those bunny ears in the audience, I reckon it's got to be Sara-Marie. And she deserves it, especially after surviving 5 nominations. In fact they all deserve it - they should split the $$.

Q: Is it hard for you to comprehend the fact that everyone now thinks they know her personally?

Jemma: Yeah - it's really weird. when I left the house last night, people were greeting me as I they've known me forever. I felt really rude, because I couldn't remember whether I had met them before the show. But I'm loving it, especially the kids - I love the kids!!

Final words:

I think people need to try and remember how highly stressful and hard it really is in the house before they're too quick to judge anybody - it's not a normal situation so people sometimes react to things abnormally. Everyone in the house has their own amazing qualities, and you can't expect to have 12 people who get along constantly all the time - we wouldn’t be normal. But I don't know If Big Brother realised how close we would all actually get, because it certainly doesn't feel like a game show - but just like a big group of friends living in a really cool house together.

From the Big Brother site

Biography!   // Full Name ..
      Jemma   Age .. 26   //D.O.B .. 22.Dec.74


Height: 175cm   Weight: 55kg
Star Sign: Capricorn
Favourite Songs: Fools Gold by Stone Roses, Falling Down by Sybil
Favourite Film: Billy Elliott
Favourite Books: Princess by Jean P Sasson, Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Jemma's Audition Tape



Jemma is new face of Hey Sista! underwear


News and Updates

August 3rd

Daily Telegraph  Sydney Confidential

Jemma's big sister role

LIP gloss glamour queen Jemma Gawned who, in a previous life lived in the House of Big Brother, has landed a TV gig with Network Ten.

Gawned will join the on-camera team for the second series of Search For A Supermodel, and it will be her job to "pump up" next year's models during all the backstage pandemonium.

"I will be playing a big sister role," she said, noting her experience as a make-up artist will keep her in good stead. "This is right up my alley."

Confidential asked Jemma if she thought her fame would extend beyond the usual 15-minute allotment.

"That's up to me and depends entirely on what I choose to do," she said.



Jemma before Big Brother


Jemma pictured with the group

 The Mavis's (from their  official site )


Jemma in Perth July 2001.

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