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Entire Man from UNCLE Series 105 episodes

SEASON 1 Black & White

1. The Vulcan Affair

2. The Iowa Scuba Affair

3. The Quadripartite Affair

4. The Shark Affair

5. The Deadly Games Affair

6. The Green Opal Affair

7. The Giuoco Piano Affair

8. The Double Affair

9. The Project Strigas Affair

10. The Finny Foot Affair

11. The Neptune Affair

12. The Dove Affair

13. The King of Knaves Affair

14. The Terbuf Affair

15. The Deadly Decoy Affair

16. The Fiddlesticks Affair

17. The Yellow Scarf Affair

18. The Mad-Mad Tea Party Affair

19. The Secret Sceptre Affair

20. The Bow Wow Affair

21. The Four Steps Affair

22. The See Paris & Die Affair

23. The Brain Killer Affair

24. The Hong Kong Shilling Affair

25. The Never-Never Affair

26. The Love Affair

27. The Gazebo in the Maze Affair

28. The Girls of Nazarone Affair

29. The Odd Man Affair

Season 2 (Color)

30&31. Alexander The Great Affair pts 1 & 2 (One Spy Too Many MOVIE)

32. Ultimate Computer Affair

33. Foxes & Hounds Affair

34. Discotheque Affair

35. Recollectors Affair

36. Arabian Affair

37.The Tigers Are Coming Affair

38. Deadly Toys Affair

39. Cherry Blossom Affair

40. Virtue Affair

41. Children's Day Affair

42. Adriatic Express Affair

43. Yukon Affair

44. Very Important Zombie Affair

45. Dippy Blond Affair

46. Deadly Goddes Affair

47. Birds & Bees Affair

48. Waverly Ring Affair

49&50. Bridge of Lions Affair pts 1&2 (One of Our Spies is Missing MOVIE)

51. Foreign Legion Affair

52. Moonglow Affair

53. Nowhere Affair

54. King of Diamonds Affair

55. Project Deephole Affair

56. Roundtable Affair

57. Bat Cave Affair

58. Minus X Affair

59. Indian Affairs Affair

SEASON 3 (Color)

60. Her Master's Voice Affair

61. Sort-Of-Do-It-Yourself DREADFUL Affair

62. Galatea Affair

63. Super Colossal Affair

64. Monks of St. Thomas Affair

65. Pop Art Affair

66. Thor Affair

67. Candidates Wife Affair

68. Come with Me to Cabash Affair

69. Off Broadway Affair

70&71. Concrete Overcoat Affair pts 1 & 2 (Spy in Green Hat MOVIE)

72. Abominable Snowman Affair

73. My Friend the Gorilla Affair

74. Jingle Bells Affair

75. Take me to Your Leader Affair

76. Suburbia Affair

77. Deadly Smorgasbord Affair

78. Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum Affair

79. Napoleon's Tomb Affair

80. Its all Greek to Me Affair

81. Hula Doll Affair

82. Pieces of Fate Affair

83. Matterhorn Affair

84. Hot Number Affair

85. When In Rome Affair

86. A Apple A Day Affair

87&88. 5 Daughters Affair pts 1 & 2

89. Cap & Gown Affair

SEASON 4 (Color)

90. Summit 5 Affair

91. Test Tube Killer Affair

92. J is for Judas Affair

93&94. Prince of Darkness Affair (Helicopter Spies MOVIE)

95. Master's Touch Affair

96. THRUSH Roulette Affair

97. Deadly Quest Affair

98. Fiery Angel Affair

99. Survival School Affair

100. Gurnius Affair

101. Man from THRUSH

102. Maze Affair

103. Deep 6 Affair

104. 7 Wonders of the World pts 1 & 2 (How to Steal the World MOVIE)

105. Return of the Man from UNCLE

GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. episodes

1. The Dog Gone Affair

2. The Prisoner of Zalamar Affair

3. The Mother Muffin Affair

4. The Mata Hari Affair

5. The Montori Device Affair

6. The Horns of the Dilemma Affair

7. The Danish Blue Affair

8. The Garden of Eden Affair

9. The Atlantis Affair

10. The Paradise Lost Affair

11. The lethal Eagle Affair

12. The Romany Lie Affair

13. The Little John Doe Affair

14. The Jewels of Topango Affair

15. The Faustus Affair

16. The UFO Affair

17. The Moulin Ruse Affair

18. The Catacomb & Dogma Affair

19. The Drublegratz Affair

20. The Fountain of Youth Affair

21. The Carpathian Caper Affair

22. The Furnace Flats Affair

23. The Phi Beta Killer Affair

24. The Petit Prix Affair

25. The Double-O-Nothing Affair

26. The UNCLE Samurai Affair

27. The High & Deadly Affair

28. Kooky & Spooky Affair

Entire Wild, Wild, West Series 104 episodes w/ Robert Conrad & Ross Martin listed


Wild, Wild, West REVISITED 1979 movie w/ Robert Conrad & Ross Martin!

MORE Wild, Wild, West 1980 movie w/ Robert Conrad & Ross Martin!

Season 1 B&W

1.Pilot epi, TNOT Inferno

2.TNOT Deadly Bed

3.TNOT Wizard Shook the Earth

4.TNOT Sudden Death

5.TNOT Casual Killer

6.TNOT 1,000 Eyes

7.TNOT Glowing Corpse

8.TNOT Dancing Death

9.TNOT Double Edged Knife

10.TNOT Terror Stalked The Town

11.TNOT Red Eyed Madman

12.TNOT Human Trigger

13.TNOT Torture Chamber

14.TNOT Howling Light

15.TNOT Fatal Trip

16.TNOT Steel Assisins

17.TNOT Dragon Screamed

18.TNOT Grand Emir

19.TNOT Flaming Ghost

20.TNOT Whirring Death

21.TNOT Puppeteer

22.TNOT Bars of Hell

23.TNOT 2 Legged Buffalo

24.TNOT Druid's Blood

25.TNOT Freebooters

26.TNOT Burning Diamond

27.TNOT Murderous Spring

28.TNOT Sudden Plague

2nd SEASON - Color

29.TNOT Eccentrics

30.TNOT Golden Cobra

31.TNOT Raven

32.TNOT Big Blast

33.TNOT Returning Dead

34.TNOT Flying Pie Plate

35.TNOT Poisonous Posey

36.TNOT Bottomless Pit

37.TNOT Watery Death

38.TNOT Green Terror

39.TNOT Ready Made Corpse

40.TNOT Man Eating House

41.TNOT Skulls

42.TNOT Infernal Machines

43.TNOT Lord of Limbo

44.TNOT Tottering Tontine

45.TNOT Feathered Fury

46.TNOT Gypsy Peril

47.TNOT Tartar

48.TNOT Vicious Valentine

49.TNOT Brain

50.TNOT Deadly Bubble

51.TNOT Surreal Mc Coy

52.TNOT Colonel's Ghost

53.TNOT Deadly Blossom

54.TNOT Cadre

55.TNOT Wolf

56.TNOT Bogus Bandits

SEASON 3 - Color

57.TNOT Bubbling Death

58.TNOT Firebrand

59.TNOT Assassin

60.TNOT Dr. Loveliss Died

61.TNOT Jack O' Diamonds

62.TNOT Samurai

63.TNOT Hangman

64.TNOT Montezuma's Hordes

65.TNOT Circus of Death

66.TNOT Falcon

67.TNOT Cut-Throats

68.TNOT Legion of Death

69.TNOT Turncoat

70.TNOT Iron Fist

71.TNOT Running Death

72.TNOT Arrow

73.TNOT Headless Woman

74.TNOT Vipers

75.TNOT Underground Terror

76.TNOT Death Masks

77.TNOT Undead

78.TNOT Amnesiac

79.TNOT Simian Terror

80.TNOT Death maker

SEASON 4 - Color

81.TNOT Big Blackmail

82.TNOT Doomsday Formula

83.TNOT Juggernaut

84.TNOT Sedgewick Curse

85.TNOT Gruesome Games

86.TNOT Krakan

87.TNOT Fugitives

88.TNOT Egyptian Queen

89.TNOT Fire & Brimstone

90.TNOT Camera

91.TNOT Avaricious Actuary

92.TNOT Miguelito's Revenge

93.TNOT Pelican

94.TNOT Spanish Curse

95.TNOT Winged Terror (part 1)

96.TNOT Winged Terror (part 2)

97.TNOT Sabatini Death

98.TNOT Janus

99.TNOT Pistolerus

100.TNOT Diva

101.TNOT Bleak Island

102.TNOT Coassacks

103.TNOT Tycoons

104.TNOT Plague

A MAN CALLED SLOANE (1980's Robert Conrad) ten (10) epi's of a

13 episode season!

A TEAM W/ ROBERT VAUGHN, six (6) episodes:

GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Series w/ 44 episodes

Space 1999 Series w/ 45 episodes

UFO Series w/ 23 episodes

Time Tunnel Series w/ 30 episodes

Space Precinct Series w/ 24 episodes

Thunderbirds in 6 movies total!

Thunderbirds Series w/ 24 episodes

Land of the Giants Series w/ 43 episodes

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Series w/ 110 episodes

Green Hornet 13 B&W epi's AND 25 Color epi's w/ Bruce Lee and INTERVIEW

w/ Screen Tests, and 3 trailers

Automan Series 12 epi's

The Flash Series 23 epi's

Stargate SG-1 Four Seasons

Sliders Five (5) Seasons in

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