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Tremors 4 and TV series Release Date
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It won't be long now until us European's can get our teeth into:

Tremors 4 and Tremors TV series

For the most up to date information, stick with UK Tremors or check out the official US site - GO -

The TV series is set to air in the US on the Sci-Fi channel in jan. Check out this table for release dates. The Movie release date should be late 2003 or early 2004.

Episode Guide

Title Air date on the Sci Fi Channel
Feeding Frenzy

Friday 1/10/03 at 10pm
Saturday 1/11/03 at 11pm
Sunday 1/12/03 at 8pm

Shriek and Destroy Friday 1/17/03
Blast from the Past Friday 1/24/03
Hit and Run Friday 1/31/02
Project 4-12 Friday 2/07/02