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  • Good new Tremors site. Always up to date with news Go
  • These two links are to pages where the news of Tremors TV series was first broadcast - Cinescape -Sci-Fi Channel
  • British production company Anarchy Productions website for Tremors 1 1/2 Go. The site should eventually have downloads of there film. There is a fun Trailer to download there right now.
  • Check out this Atlanta Hawks baseball cap you can buy, just like Burt's! Go
  • Where you can find a limited edition Tremors kit (US Site)
    We have a picture of the completed kit Here
  • Where you will find a limited edition Tremors music CD. (US Site)
  • Ever fancied your own Burt Gummer action figure? Well here's a site that tells you how to make them Go
  • Here's a nice review of T3. Thanks Samuli.
  • Another link to a Michael Gross interview but reveals more about himself and the TV series.
  • Here is a requested cast list from Tremors 3.
  • A great interview with Michael Gross at Go.
  • Here's a link to a great new interview with Michael Gross Go. Thanks John!
  • If you haven't checked out the new official Universal site then here it is. Go. Very flashy.

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