S.S. Wilson Exclusive at UK Tremors

S.S. Wilson talks to UK Tremors
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We asked S.S. Wilson, the Director of Tremors 2 some questions about the upcoming Tremors TV series

UK: Firstly, how are you connected to the project? Will you be working on the scripts and on the filming of the series?

SS: Nancy Roberts, Brent Maddock, and myself are Executive Producers of the show. We are involved in writing and supervising the writing staff. We will not be directing early episodes because the pressure to generate so many scripts in a short time is so great. But we are involved in most major production decisions, in casting, creature design, etc etc.

UK: Can you talk about the budget? Do you know how much you can spend on each episode?
SS: Sorry. Studios and networks are notoriously tight-lipped about budgets. I must respect their wishes. If you search about for the averages spent on recent cable television original series productions, you'll probably come close to what we're spending.
UK:Any idea yet on how many episodes there will be and any solid confirmation on who will star? Is Michael Gross confirmed?

SS:Michael Gross has graciously returned as Burt Gummer. Robert Jayne is back as Melvin Plug. Due to some unfortunate work conflicts, we were unable to cast two of our earlier regulars. But there are some exciting new faces coming to the town. It is a thirteen episode commitment. In today's tough television market that's an unusually good vote of confidence from the network. We are very pleased to have the chance to generate that many shows and hopefully expand the Tremors audience.

UK: Will there be other monsters not connected to the Graboids? Can you give any hints?

SS: Come now, what Science fiction writer/producer tells his/her plans in advance??

UK: Any idea on filming locations yet? Will we be back in Perfection at any time in the series?
SS: The town of Perfection has been rebuilt for the third time -- in Mexico. In Tremors 2, we shot in California and said it was Mexico. Now we're shooting in Mexico and saying it's Nevada. Our soundstage once held sets for Titanic!

UK: How exciting is it to move from making a movie to a whole TV series?
SS: It's exciting and intimidating. The challenge of maintaining the fun, surprises, and unusual horror/comedy tone of the franchise over many episodes is daunting. But we have a great writing staff coming up with lots of ideas and the SciFi network is very supportive of our delivering the Tremors you all know and love.
UK Tremors would like to thank S.S. Wilson for this contribution. The Tremors TV series should hit American shores in spring next year.

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