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What next?
  • TV Series. 73 votes. (28%)
  • Movie (set in the past). 24 votes. (9%)
  • Movie (set now). 94 votes. (36%)
  • Movie (set in future). 49 votes. (19%)
  • No more please. 16 votes. (6%)

    256 Total votes

    Syndicated TV Show with rotating cast- do some episodes with Burt, hired to obliterate rampaging beasts, some episodes about poor Val or Earl having bad luck and bumping into a new monster type, or even a show that restarts the series- with Val and Earl back together. If a TV show is done- reunite Burt and HEather! It's hilarious to see Mr. Paranoid gun nut being bossed around by his wife.

    I think that all of them (Stars from 1 2 and 3 that didn't get eaten) Should find a new kind of Graboid But what I was thinking was a change. In number three the scientists did not show you what was inside the egg so I think they should cut it open and find out that It has FINS Yes you read that correctly! A swimming type of graboid that lays eggs on the bottom of the sea. And after years of the eggs sinking in the silt they hatch back into Graboids like the first one( by one I mean Movie)

    I think you should make more tremors like 4 and 5 as long as you keep makeing them i will keep buying them.but you need burt in all of them.he plays a big part in all of them.please make more of gregory conrad e-mail 517-741-3884.

    just put val and earl back in it for their sheer greatness and it'll be fine and dandy

    I definelty think you should make more tremors movies but you gotta have burt val and earl and graddy that would be just teh ultimate tremors!!!!

    You could make an animated tv series. It cost much less and you'd save tons on special efects, and if ya want to atract a teenage audienc, make it anime style, that way you can cuss!

    They should make the next movie about how the Graboids really came to be, then have them attack all of the first humans. (like cavemen)


    Ooh, Tremors Anime! ^^ Hehe. I'm an Anime fan, so that'd be rather humorous, seeing my two obsessions come together!

    These are the awsomest movies ever. And there should be a 4th movie. For all Tremors fans

    their should be a tremors 4 because i want to see Val and Earl in another movie of tremors

    Please ya seriously gotta make either a Anime Series of Tremors or a 4th movie. Seriously.

    there should be a tremors 4 with val earl graddy and burt and jack and some of the other charcters and the have the graboids come back with all types of them and maybe make another type then have val earl and every body else try to survive

    there should be a tremors 4 and it should have val earl graddy burt and jack in it and some other charcters and have them fight of the graboids and have earl have his jeep honcho

    i think there should be a tremors 4 with burt, jack, val,rhonda, earl,and grady and have burt, jack,val,rhonda go to gradys and earls theme park and then have the graboids attack and have them try to kill them.

    This is our familie's favorite movie. Our 3 year old can't fall asleep without watching it every night. We practically have them all memorized! They are the perfect combination of suspense,action,and humor!(Especially Tremors I - Pure Genius!)

    Very original story line, mixed with likable characters and mind blowing special effects is what the Tremors trilogy will be known for. A forth installment is enevidable and I can't wait!! If they (Stampede Entertainment) keep doing what they are doing, then I can see a very successful and profitable series. Keep it up!! Don't let the franchise die out.

    Oh my got. Are someone asking for more. I tought it was a trilogia and got the last movie got the best ending of them all.

    No more, when I saw 3 and the closing of ring of birth and a great ending of the trilogia I thought this was that and no more.

    Come on,a 4th Tremors movie would be great. With Earl,Burt and Mindy =)


    i think if there is to be a tremors 4 that it needs revive the dynamics between the characters. an example is Val and Earl in the first file. they were always tring to 1 up the other and that has been missing form the last 2 films

    I loved the films as they have humour and action in equal amounts , I think that the story should continue , it would be cool to have the Val and Earl back but I suppose that must be hard to arrange now ? I would like the next story to take place somewhere new but still keep the feel of the Graboid mence ,Maybe some sort of goverment attempt to study Graboids or a Cave adventure ? If it has Graboids in I'll watch it : )

    Earl should come back, he's the best!

    Which monster is best?
  • Graboids 52 (71%)
  • Ass Blasters 12 (16%)
  • Shriekers 9 (12%)


    1. I wish I could see a Graboid.

    2. Tremors is the best ever and i wish they could exist!

    3. I hope to see a Tremors 4!

    4. They shuld make a t.v. series

    5. I love the Tremors Series, but I hope they don't make a fourth one. It will ruin the whole series and what would be the oint. The Only way is to base it 300 years from now IF the Ass Blaster lays the egg.

    6. tremors is great but if you want to live then dont move make no vibrations and mindy get of that dammd pogo stick!

    7. WASSUP PEOPLE!!! Ok, my names Kevin...but call me Kev. I just wanna say that Graboids kick ass!

    8. Yo, whatssup doods!!! this is gia and anne but you can call us g&a. just like the truck. Tremors is way coool. It rocks ouir world. Val, we love you!!!!!!! we hate the evil girl that stold him away frum us. Peace guys, and shalom. a&g **tremors4life** were waiting 4u vall!

    9. If they make a tremors4 it should be about Grady and Earl's theme park {it should be in florida

    What format will you purchase Tremors 3 on?
  • DVD 58 (56%)
  • VHS 35 (33%)
  • None 10 (9%)


    1.I wish the site would have Tremors games.

    2.I wish this site would show the cast of the three Tremors films.

    3.I wish tremors 3 would hurry up and be released in the UK, We've been waiting years for it.

    4.Tremors 3 should have more ''EXTRAS''on DVD, and pics of graboids.IT is better then 1&2!!!!!!

    5.I wish Tremors 3 would hurry up and come out on VHS! Times being as they are, I cannot afford a DVD player and start another movie collection in a new format.

    6.Great site! No US version?!?

    7.Sad that I had to go to a UK site to find people excited about Tremors. I haven't seen it. It released yesterday and I couldn't find it in any stores. I ordered it via Amazon today. Any idea where I can get a "Graboids Happen" bumper sticker?

    8.tremors = class. Superb.

    9.Why the Hell wouldn't you buy it?

    What do you think the new Graboid type will be?
  • Flying 35 (35%)
  • Queen Graboid 30 (30%)
  • Bigger and Badder Graboids 15 (15%)
  • Other (Please Comment) 9 (9%)
  • Human-Graboid Hybrid 6 (6%)
  • Swimming 4 (4%)
  • Invisible 1 (1%)


    1.Graboid with eyes

    2.The original graboid that crashed to earth billions of years ago on a doomed asteroid and was not yet evolved into its current, less menacing form. Basically, meaner and madder, and well, nastier.

    3.They are all hermaphroditic drones, working for a single fertile queen , something like insect colonies .

    4.Both Graboids and Shriekers+Queen

    5.A cross between "Starship Troopers" and "Aliens" with a little "Predator" thrown in for size. I think that would be kind of fun to see with the original castmates atleast... but that is wishful thinking on my part.

    6.The Shriekers will keep growing, and soon they'll have FOUR legs.

    7.get serious. it cant be swimming because they are in the nevada desert,it cant fly because there will be no trees to hide in, it would be totally obvious and give plenty of time to get away. I think it will be a cross between graboid and shrieker. Something that can go underground or above ground.

    8.all of the ideas listed are cleches, it'd better be something original or it's not worth messing with the current way of things, but a queen would be the best of the above

    9.damn thats right - starship troopers was only good because of the hordes of monsters - and after a quick blast of serious sam (3d shootemup with hordes of monsters) I think a whole herds of shriekers would be awesome, but somehow I think the direcors/writers have actually sat down and thought 'this movie exists because of its fans, lets show the fans something NEW and surprising - and i am grateful that no-one has spilled the secret yet! Alien 4 was ruined because of it's half-assed ending with a new rubber monster!

    What is the best scene in Tremors 1?

  • Burt and Heather in basement 49 (54%)
  • 1st Graboid crashing into wall 17 (18%)
  • Walter getting eaten in shop 7 (7%)
  • Running to the Catapiller 7 (7%)
  • using bombs as bait 4 (4%)
  • The car dragged underground 2 (2%)
  • Other (see below) 4 (4%)

    1.The best scene is Val running to the caterpillar. The suspense is thrilling, the music becomes heart-pounding, the fact that Miguel forgot about the hill and the tractor fell over is hilarious, and Val making the run after punching Earl in the stomach is classic. Long live Tremors!
    2.How about when the grabboid spits out the explosive, and makes all the other bombs explode. That was a fantastic scene!
    3.Burt is the coolest survialist/paranoid person i have ever seen in a movie - we need more people like Burt to terrorise our screens
    4.What an absoulte classic film the first Tremors film is. It's just a shame Kevin Bacon moved on and didn't hang around to be part of the second. Just a bit of added boring trivia but the mexican who buys it first in Tremors 2 has got to be the king of extras, he is in John carpenters vampires, Heat, face off, bedazzeld and Out of sight to name but a few. from a movie nut
    5.when the girl who is also in Jurassic park is on her pogo stick, listening to her walkman and she can not hear them shouting and you think she's gonna become a graboids lunch!
    6.the last scene, when the last graboid crushes down.
    7.val cheering after killing graboid

    What kind of Tremors merchandise would you like to see for sale?

  • Computer Game: 47%
  • Action Figures: 36%
  • Model kits: 13%
  • Sweets and food: 4%
  • Cloting: 0%