Wow, here's an exclusive for UK Tremors. A never published interview about all three films, plus 10 never before seen behind the scenes pictures from Tremors 1. This kind donation came from MJ Simpson of Starburst, SFX and Fangoria fame, so check out his web site to show your appreciation. Enjoy......
Brent Maddock and SS Wilson interviewed by MJ Simpson (, 15th June 2000
Part of this interview previously appeared in Fangoria ( issue 196.

MJ Simpson: What am I allowed to know about Tremors 3 right now?

Brent Maddock: Well, the news is out obviously. The Stampede announcement went up on the net a few days ago. There's not much to say, actually. We're writing the story. We are investigating what cast members will be available within the time frame in which the movie has to be made. It is 'on the fast track' as we say. Once the studio decides they want something, they immediately plug it into their pipeline and as far as they're concerned everything should just go normally after that.

SS Wilson: Like Tremors 2, it's direct to video. Which is kind of nice in a way.

MJS: Who will be directing it?

BM: I am.

MJS: Is that because it's your turn?

BM: It's my turn.

SSW: It's his turn.

BM: We just go round and round and can keep doing this for ever.

MJS: Are the two of you and Nancy Wilson acting as producers?

BM: Nancy will be the producer of record. I may be executive producer. We haven't worked all that out.

MJS: Can you say what budget it will have?

BM: I'd rather not, right at the moment. Because I don't really know.

MJS: When do you expect to start shooting?

BM: We hope to be shooting early Fall.

MJS: For release when?

SSW: Probably an April release. So it's going to be pretty quick but we think we can do everything we want to do in that time.

MJS: Do you already have a script that you've been sitting on for five years?

BM: No, we had almost no idea at all.

SSW: We now are in better shape than that. But it was not something we ever considered very seriously until Tremors 2 took off the way it did.

Dubbed the "Sledcam" this was one of several rigs built for doing "graboid POV" shots. We wanted a ground-level camera to show the movement of these mostly unseen creatures. The camera crew created this one from snow skis and various other parts. Note compressed air bottle which, if memory serves, was used to blow jets of dust in front of the lens. Ultimately it was used very little.

This is the Sledcam in use. The crew is running it past the front of the house where characters Nancy and Mindy lived.

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