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Pers mattematic page

My Favorite Things

1) what numbers will stand in the empty spaces?
a) [1][3][5][11][19][29][?]
b) [1][1][2][4][7][11][?]
2) solve the equation.
a) y/6-1,25=3,2
b) 8(x+3)-(5+3x)-2(4x+3)=18(2x-5)-15(2x-3)-3x
c) 2(x-4)-4(1,5-x)=22+(x-11)
3) simplify
a) x+0,05x-0,15x
b) x+0,02x-0,01x
c) u+3u+3u-5u
4) calculate
a) 50+800-36+951+96598*2-56982*2=
b) 96*9-2555+14596/1+596-9862*98-69589568=
c) 48652665+5658625+556568-589546*2/5+25689=