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Problem nr1: Divide 157846 with 544 how big is the quote??

Problem nr 2:Anna, Julia and Sofi splits a coca cola.Anna drinks 32%,Julia drinks 45% and Sofi get the rest.How much drinks Sofi??

Problem nr3:How long time is it between 11.42 and 08.12??

Problem nr4:A car drives 90km/h.How long time takes to drive 60km??

Problem nr5:An orange have 19 peases.Nina eats 7 peases.How many are that left??

Problem nr6:The dog Jojjo is gone in 4 days 9h and 50 minutes.How many h is he gone???

Problem nr7:Lisa lives 34km from her best friend Anna.How many swedish miles must she go if she should go to Anna???? (10 km=1 mile)

Problem nr8:Shirehorses is the biggest horse in the world.They are at least 173cm ,but they can be over 180cm.How many meters can they be???

Problem nr9:How many days are that between 8/3 and 12/11??

Problem nr10:Jennie can eat 7 candys,Joanna can eat 9 candys,Tina can eat 5 candys and Jennies sister Mary can eat 4 mutsh do they eat together?