~Bride of Chucky~

Bride of Chucky is the 4th and so far final movie in the Child's Play chain. It is a completely new concept at that with new characters, except for Chucky himself, new setting, new plot, new WIFE, and a whole new look for Chucky (stitches). I only have a few pictures for this, most Bride of Chucky pictures belong to the official site so I don't use them, and my review and opinions of this movie are at the bottom. This movie is really funny, but will seem a bit too much of a joke for people who watch it just because it's a horror movie. This one is a real comedy instead a horror, there's really not one scary moment in it and Chucky is seen more as a funny guy type comic relief instead of a really scary killer who's supposed to be the villain...Just read my review and you'll see what I mean.

It's Chucky as Cupid!!

Chucky and his wife Tiffany, how sweet...

~REVIEW~ I have to say that this movie is a very good step up from No. 3, yet I'm not completely happy with it. I thought it was hilarious, but...well, here's the plot first- Whole new concept, first off...NO ANDY!!!! That made me mad, yet by now he'd be real old so I guess it's no loss. Secondly, new look for Chucky, the stitches which I was not crazy about because now he doesn't look like a doll and surprisingly it changes his whole appearance, he really does look a lot difference (his face and stuff) but I guess it was the only way to get him back together from the fan incident. Oh and here's the big one...new WIFE! I'm not crazy about that either, not that I'm jealous...but then again that is what the whole movie's about so I can't complain. Anyway, into the picture comes Tiffany, complete trailer park trash who's been looking for 10 years for Chucky's dolly body so she can have him back (apparently she was his lover before he was killed). So...she finds his remains, sews him up, brings him back to life, then he kills her and causes her soul to enter the body of another doll. The two then hightail off to New Jersey or someplace to find Charles Lee Ray's grave so they can get some amulet (when did the amulet become part of this whole process?) while using the transportation of a young couple. Okay...this movie was really funny but that's just it, it's not a horror at all it's strictly a comedy. In this one there's absolutely no scariness, it's just funny. Chucky's now the comic relief instead of the lone villain. I could go on and on but my point is Chucky fans would LOVE this because Chucky has endless terrific lines, but anyone else would just be disgusted. Oh...one last thing, the dolls have sex which I am seriously not crazy about, was that really nescessary? It wasn't even funny! I know, I know it's all in good humor...but pleeeeaaaase it's so stuuuuuuppppiiiiddddd. Even if I am obsessed with Chucky I still reject that scene. Anyway here's the scale- It's out of 4 stars (****) and for an overall MOVIE i'd give it- **, for a HORROR- NEGATIVE **************** stars!!!! ( I am not kidding, a four year old could watch this and would probably just leave the room, not out of fright but confusion, but there is hope, for Chucky's personality showing which is important for any big Chucky fan- *********** and growing because man does this doll chatter up a storm! See this only if you LOVE Chucky, or if you want a good laugh (either at it's humor or stupidity!) *Click BACK on your browser to return to main page*