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If you are a Friday the 13th fan then I think you should definately read this. Every hardcore Friday fan knows that many of the Friday films have been censored because of excessive violence, and some of the uncut versions are available out on the internet. But unfortunately, some are not available, one of which is Friday the 13th Part VII:The New Blood. In this one, just about every single murder was censored and cut for violence. John Carl Buechler did an amazing job with this film, and I would love to see it in all of its uncut glory. I'm sure many of you would like that also. Well, in a recent interview, John Carl Buechler was asked if he thought that any of the uncut scenes would make it to the Part 7 dvd, and his exact response was this:
"If you could get the fans to write in to Paramount, you could force them to do it. We could find that footage, it's in the vault. Paramount is the company that put Star Trek back on the air because the fans wrote in. If people said "we want a DVD of the uncut version of part 7" they will listen. Flood them with letters of requests, and they will do it."
I believe he is right. If all of the fans write in and request that they put out the uncut version, they will! If they see a demand, they will answer it! John Carl Buechler is no liar, and what he said above is a direct quote. All you have to do is write them a letter via the postal service. I know many people prefer email, but email is the lazy way out! In Paramounts minds, if we truly love the series, then we should write letters to show our support. Those words have been said by Martin Blythe himself. Taking the time to sit down and write or type a letter shows that you are not just doing it cause your friends told you to, it shows that you care about this and are taking some time to voice your opinion. It's that simple. So, send your letters to :
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038
Please, do not be rude in your letters, because that won't help at all. Just say that you want an uncut version to be released on DVD.
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