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Each of these tapes run for about 1 1/2 hour and contains mainly rapescenes from various Hindi and south Indian movies. Mostly from mainstream movies. They have scenes of most of the famous actress. Unfortunately, I did not remember the names of each of the movies but soon I will update the list as far as I know. Some are about 2 to 3 min long but most of them are about a 2 minutes or less and hero always comes to the rescue. So this is for you if you want to see and enjoy the scenes that are discussed in masalaboard and some you have never heard of..

Obviously, the really good long scenes are not on well known actress. So I have them in there but cannot put much detail on it in the tape description.

These tape are definitely not for you if you do not enjoy watching these scenes. 

Cost of each tape is $15.00

Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 1

Some of the good scenes in this are 

Rakhee in Sharmilee, Scenes from Be-Abroo, Kiss of Madhuri and Jackie, Sridevi in Sola Sawan (Hindi version of Padaharella Vayasu), VishKanya and some other movies I donot know the names of ..

Rapescenes of Sridevi, Jayaprada, Poonam , Madhavi, Madhuri, Moon Moonsen, Aswani, Radha saluja, Swapna, Dimple, Rakhee, Poojabedi

Good scenes are on Sridevi, Jayaprada, Madhavi, Poojabedi and 4 or 5 good long ones on some unknown actress from Khatra and other movies.

Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 2

Some of the good scenes in this are 

Dimple in Zakhmi Aurat, Poonam from Police aur Mujrim, Meenakshi in Paisa hi Paisa, Jayaprada in Rocky(telugu), Nalini in Nyam (Tamil).

Rapescenes of Meenakshi, Poonam, Dimple, Radha, Moonmoonsen, Jayanti (sexy scene from mallu movie), Neelam, Sangeeta Bijlanee, Anuradha, Anitaraj, Sripriya(a good one), Vanita(tamil), Nalini (tamil) , Kimi, Shlpa shirodkar, Kimi

Good scenes are on Meenakshi, Moonmoonsen, Nalini(in slowmotion from tamil movie), Vanita(tamil movie) and 3 or 4 good scenes from unknown movies.

 Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 3

Some of the good scenes in this are 

BF(topless) scenes, 3 rps from Gangster, Anitaraj in Masterji, Soundarya (in Maa ayana Bangaram), Hema malini and sarika in Rajtilak?? Sridevi in Inquilab, Jayalakshmi in Chal Mohanaranga, Radha in Adavi dora, Jeenat Aman in Abdulla, Vijayashanti in SP Bhayankar

Rapescenes of Sumalata, Aruna, Lata, Madhavi, Vani Viswanath, Anitaraj, Tina Munim, Radha, Soundarya, Hema, Sarika, Sridevi, Jeenat Aman, Aruna Irani, Vanisri, Manjula, Vijaya Shanti, Rambha

Good scenes are in Anita raj, Jayalakshmi, VijayaShanti in SP Bhayankar, Radha, Sarika, Aruna and a couple of unknown actresses

Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 4

Some of the good scenes in this are 

Madhavi in Chattaniki Kallulevu, PR Varalakshmi in Ramudu Prasuramudu, Vijayashanti in Roudy inspecter, Jayamalini in Sankutheertham, B/W scene from Jagarjentreelu, Rajani in Collector gari abbai, Jeenat and padmini kolhapuri in Insaaf ka taraju, vanisri in Dattaputrudu, Dimple in Jaanbaaz

Rapescenes of Sreedevi, Madhavi, Radha, Vijayashanti, Divyavani, Aruna, Jayamalini, rajani, vanisri,Jjeenat Aman, Seeta, Sangeeta, Jayaprada, Rajyalakshmi, Revati, Anuradha, Dimple, Geeta, PR Varalakshmi, Swati

Good scenes are Madhavi, PR varalakshmi, Swati, Jeenat, Seeta and a couple of long scenes from some Hindi horror movie

Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 5

Some of the good scenes in this are 

Sridevi in Sadma, Sridevi in Padaharella vayasu, Soundarya in a sumans movie,Jayaprada in Awaaz, Divyabharati in Devanee,  Radha in Puli, Vanisri in Kannavarikalalu, 3 or 4 good scenes from some Daku films, Leelarani in Minorbabu, Devika in Rajakota Rahasyam, Prabha in Needaleni Aadadi, Yvijaya from Dabbukulokan Dasham, Vijayashanti from Repati powrulu, Jayaprada in seetaramulu, Gita in Gharanadonga and a lot of other scenes

Rapescenes of Sreedevi, Soundarya, Divyabharati, Radha, Meena, Vanisri, Ravina, Sriprada, Roja, Indraja, Latasri, Priyaraman, Geeta, Prabha, Vani viswanath, Yvijaya, Vijayashanti, Devika, Leelarani

Good scenes are from Padaharella vayasu, One of the only 2 rapescenes of Soundarya(the other one is in another tape), Vani Viswanath from a mallu movie, Prabha in Needaleni Aadadi and 2 long scenes from Daku films and 2 good ones from a Sriprada movie.. A couple of catfights are also in this tape

Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 6

Some of the good scenes in this are 

Very good one from an english movie wild riders, Radha and another good one from unknown satyaraj movie, Rambha in Pachatoranam, Ramya, Shipla Shirodkar in Kishan Kannaya, Madhuri in Prem???,Ranjeeta in Hatkadi?,Hemamalini in Premnagar,Sridevi in Padaharella vayasu, Madhu in some Govinda's movie, Silksmita from some Mallu movie,Anjala in Himalaiputra,Poonam in Abhimanu, the famous fullnude scene in VIP and another rapescene from a mallu movie..,rachana in Peddamanushulu

Rapescenesof Rambha, Swati, Radha,Ramya,Soundarya,rachana,Sreedevi,Shilpa,Madhuri,Ranjeeta,Madhu, Sliksmita,Anjala, Poonam 

Some good scenes are 2 very good and long Mallu scenes, a vegood one from Wildraiders, Madhuris in premrog??,Silksmita's from a mallu movie..

Rapescenes from Indian movies volume 7

Some of the good scenes in this are 

Vip and another mallu film rps,Twinkle in Mela, Mandakini from Jeeva, Meenakshi from a couple of movies,Padmini Kolhapuri from a movie,Jayalalita from a mallu movie, Poonam from Mard Ki Zhuban (very ggod one), Twinkle in Khiladi,Swati in Kalaratri(very good), Poonam in Police aur mujrim, Rekha from Ek Bechara, Kiss scene of madhuri and Vinod in Parampara, Scenes from 24th mani neram (tamil), Mamata's from some movie, 3 more mallu scenes Very good rp fgrom Visham(mallu movie) and Malavika in some telugu movie

Scenes of Twinkle, Madhu, Mandakini, Meenakshi, Poonam, Jayalalita, Swapna, Tabu, Madhuri, Swati, Rekha, Nalini, Mamata

Good mallu scenes and a good scenes from Mard ki zhuban, mela, Khiladi and some unknown ones..