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First I have to say that I'm quite a newbie when it comes to this amazing actress. Actually, I first saw her a couple of months ago (Nov-00)in Cape Fear as Lori Davis. God, she was just so amazing! She was so talented and beautiful! Yeah, her part wasn't a very big one, but she made a memorable performance and I'm sure that everybody comes to think of her when they hear someone mention the movie Cape Fear. Now, half a year later I'm a proud owner of fifteen of her movies. I know, it's not a lot as she'd starred in over 30, but it's a start... I'm always looking, though.

I actually don't know why I fell for her. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it (there's something very wrong if one do NOT like her, but I guess you already know that)... Anyway, it's not like it bugs me, I'm very grateful that she's in the scene, but it's almost like an obsession. No, I don't run around looking for pics of her everywhere and would kill myself if I wasn't first in line for her new movie, but I do think a lot about her. What she's like and if we could get along. I we would, as we share at least two interests; people and the occult. I guess one could say acting, too, even though I'm not an actress myself, but I do like to pretend I'm different people. Just by myself, of course.

Illeana... It's a beautiful name, isn't it? I love it. Makes me think of a flower. A small beautiful flower with pale colors in purple and pink. Illeana... I don't mean that I think of her as a weak and fragile person, but there is something really... sweet... and secretive, behind the beautiful face with those big deep eyes, that innocent smile, the perfect body and, of course, that grace.
Don't you think so? I don't know much about her and I believe that even if I did, there would still be something mysterious about her. A beautiful mystery, that should be kept that way, because it her. And even if we'd try to get to know every little detail about her, I believe she'd still be the very same fascinating and inspiring woman she is today.

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