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The most ghoulish mass murderer in history has been in a coma for ten years. But tonight, he's awake-and HALLOWEEN has never been more terrifying. While being moved from a maximum security prison for the criminally insane, Michael Myers, the monstrous killer of HALLOWEEN I AND II, regains counciousness and escapes. A trail of carnage lead Dr. Loomis(Donal Pleasence), a medical professional all too familiar with Michael's case, to the small Illinois town that was the scene of Michael's ghastly crimes in the past. There, surrounded by murder and destruction, plunged into darkness by a power failure, left with virtually no hope of rescue, two young women find themeselves trapped in their own home, stalked by the most dangerous creature alive. The latest installment in the most popular horror series in Hollywood History, HALLOWEEN 4 may very well be the most nightmarish of all.


This third sequel in the Halloween series was in my opinion pretty good and came close to living up to the first two. It doesn't have Jamie Lee Curtis in it of course, but let's face it. We don't watch these movies for her, we watch them for Michael! And how appropriate. This movies signifies the return of Michael Myers after Halloween III which didn't involve him and frankly I believe the writer pulled out of their ass. Anyways this is a must see for horror fans and especially Halloween Fans!