The Webmasters

Obviously I am a big fan of horror flicks, although I love all genres, except for war and western, which I essentially refuse to watch.
I do all the HTML work on the page so if you want to report a mistake of sorts or something please mail me as I will be the one fixing it. Also please mail me(or Kirsten in this case) with your thoughts on how the page looks. We are always welcome to suggestions, although the intro page with Norman Bates is not likely to change as I love Anthony Perkins in Psycho so much. Any other page is fair game though.

Imagine Janeane Garofalo in a horror movie. You know: cynical, bitter, chainsmoking bitch. Yeah.
Likes: Ed Wood, my cat "Vomit," cigarettes, beer, sex, & art.
Dislikes: Sports, most people, Wal-Mart.