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It's Austin Powers: Watch the opening scene to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. (100KB)
Swinging London: Dr. Evil's first encounter with Austin Powers. (116KB)
Relax: The scene with Tom Arnold in the bathroom. (78KB)
Defrosting Austin: Austin Powers getting defrosted. (158KB)
Dr. Evil's Request: All he wants is sharks with frickin laserbeams attached to their heads. (58KB)
Do I Make You Horny?: Austin working his mojo. (143KB)
A Fabulous Bird: Austin has trouble with saying what he thinks out loud. (87KB)
Austin Danger Powers : See Austin "Danger" Powers personal effects. (217KB)
Austin Powers Trailer: See the trailer to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. (336KB)
The Fembots: Watch the fembots work their mojo. (78KB)
Ming Tea: A song from the soundtrack to Austin Powers (78KB)

To save these files right-click them with your mouse and select "save target as". If you have any videos that you would like to submit, please e-mail me at the questions and comments page.