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So you think you know a lot about Dirty Dancing? Take the quiz to see of you matched up? Answers are on the bottom!

1)Where was Dirty Dancing actually filmed?

2)What is Babys real name?

3)What is Johnnys last name?

4)What is Babys sisters name?

5)Who is Johnnys cousin?

6)Who are the actual wallet crooks?

7)What move does Baby finally achieve at the end?

8)Who was Penny "knocked up" by?

9)True or false-Baby is 20 in the movie

10)What does Baby want to be when she is older?

Gice yourself 1 point for each answer correct!

1)Dirty Dancing was filmed in North Carolina at Lake Lure

2)Babys real name is Francsis




6)The shumakers

7)The Lift

8)Robbie(the creep)


10)Peace Corps

How do you add up?

If you got 8-10 You are a Dirty Danceing Freak like me GOOD JOB!

If you got 7-5You kinda know your stuff. Watch the movie about 10 more times.

If you got 5-3What is wrong with you? Dirty Dancing is a really good movie you freak!

If you got below 3You either never saw the movie or you were sleepng through it.Other words you are a loser!