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About Dave C: I received a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of California at San Diego in 1972, with a dissertation on the theory of the novel.   But motion pictures have always been the passion of my life. It was my luck to have been born in 1943, and to have been taken to see movies by my parents from the time I was quite young, at the tag end of what is often today called "The Golden Age" of Hollywood.

I set up the first Movie Log in early 1999 to cover a broad range of topics related to questions of film art, with attention to both contributions of American and world cinema.  Subsequently, after the site had moved around a bit, I renamed it Dave's Other Movie Log. In addition to maintaining my  Web site, I also work as adjunct faculty for Chapman University in San Diego, California, where I reside, and for Central Texas College as a PACE  (Program for Afloat College Education) instructor, teaching aboard US Naval vessels.  This summer, I am once again working on board the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), shown below. In my spare time I am an occasional runner and cyclist.