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The Real Coyote Ugly Saloon

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With an extensive display of drunk patrons' bras over the bar, a jukebox, featuring Buck Owens, David Allan Coe, and many other good ol' boys, Coyote Ugly isn't your typical bar.

While the movie Coyote Ugly may be Cocktail with a female twist, the real Coyote Ugly boasts some of the wildest and sexiest barkeeps in town. Your clothes will get drenched in whiskey or tequila, the country music-heavy jukebox’ll deafen you, and you will get piss drunk. The only thing that’s changed since it opened in ’93 is, it’s gotten much, much dirtier.

Coyote Ugly gets rowdiest on the weekends, when drunken women get up and dance on the bar. But even if you get hot under the collar, don't ask for water. "Water's for washin'. Liquor's for drinkin'. The rules, set forth by Coyote Ugly owner and East Village legend Lil, were simple: Keep the customers entertained all night, loot their wallets, make sure they show up with more friends on your next shift, and never, ever, under any circumstances, serve a glass of water. The bar only serves beer and hard liquor. If the guys can’t handle it, there’s plenty of water in the toilet.

Aside from the hard drinkin’, the bar’s main feature was, and always’ll be, wild, energetic ‘girls-next-door’ barkeeps stomping on the warped wooden bar, and forcing hooch, straight from the bottle, down guys’throats. Whenever a guy got pushy, one of the women would knock off the music, ring the bell, jump on the bar, point to the jerk, and belittle the crap out of him. Her voice would echo through the place, and the guy always tucked his balls between his legs and squirmed away. If he wouldn’t back down, a crew of loyal regulars would send him to the sidewalk, chin first.

No one who worked at Coyote Ugly ever looked like Tyra Banks, and they never had to. All Coyote Ugly women seem attainable at first, but that’s part of the hook. An hour later, they seem as unapproachable as pin-up girls. Especially when they’re writhing on the bar, wearing skin-tight pants, covered in sweat, and knocking back a shot of Jack every 15 minutes.

The girls who ruled the place in the beginning are always going to be remembered no matter which new regs pass through. Whether it was Caroline, tough and quick-witted Jacqui, or gorgeous Chris, no man could turn away. Even though the girls have changed, they’re still down-home hotties. From the vampy Victoria, to the vivacious Caroline (a new one), to hot Romi, guys will stake out prime spots at the bar to get an all-night view.

The film blurb for the Coyote Ugly movie gets it all wrong. It reads: “Tonight, they’re calling the shots.” At the real Coyote Ugly, there’s never a night when they’re not.

Ironically, the bar in the film is based more closely on: Hogs & Heifers where young suits and old bikers brush shoulders in drunken anticipation of a cheap thrill. The dark warehouse bar in the meatpacking district is almost famous for having wasted female customers throw their underwear on the "bra tree" after dancing on the long bar. Julia Roberts made headlines a few years ago when she jumped up and supposedly smooched one of the female bartenders.





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