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Turlututu for Dawson's Creek

A little bit about me
I'm 14 and I live in Quebec, Canada. I Speak french and English. I love movies, music(pop), chat, talk on the phone ... (Ooh ya and read my fav magasine twist) I'm really sorry if I do spealing mistake but grammar isn't my hight point!! well have a great time surfing around on MY WEB PAGE!!!

I'm having some problems with my gallery, I hope I will be able to fix it soon, but don't worry the pics are only all mixed up and the page look weird! Oh yeah if any of you know some one who can do some banners for free please e-mail me at

Please go see this site :kiwibox its awsome! and you should defenitely sign in!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!